High-rise school disaster – definitely not ‘enjoyment’ – Daily Telegraph, June 7 2018

“Parents need to get used to sending their children to high-rise schools with playgrounds on the roof – just like they do in Asia.” So goes the text in an article by Anna Caldwell, the State Political Editor for the Sydney Daily Telegraph, headed “Students prepare to enjoy high life”.

Well I’m not quite sure if it’s ‘enjoying’, I’d much rather have schools with lots of green space to play in – after all, that’s our Australian tradition!

I have noticed that most of the exclusive private schools I fly over in my helicopter still have lots of green ovals and playing fields. I wonder if it’s just the state schools that will go high-rise? – what a pity.

Have a read of the article below, it’s what happens when you have perpetual compound growth with no plan at all. I remember in the early 1970s I did a trip to Hong Kong and from our hotel window we could hear kids chanting their lessons in a high-rise tenement opposite – I felt so sorry for those kids to have no playing fields and no natural environment. Now 50 years later it’s happening in Australia – what a disaster!


  1. The government continues to ignore the majority of Australians on high immigration, which forces situations such as this. Who do we turn to? One is as bad as the other!

  2. Well my kids went to a high rise private school (St Andrews at Town Hall in Sydney) and they did not suffer from lack of green space. We need to use land efficiently and if that means high rise schools so be it. Or are you going to pay for all of that land

  3. It’s outright propaganda dressed as news. The Murdoch Press are the most notorious for this.

  4. I agree this is a terrible trend in our country and entirely caused by the incompetence of our government. Our government cannot balance the budget without importing people. They have destroyed our manufacturing industry and with the slightest hiccup in the raw material export market we can only survive by building more and more high rise buildings and fill them with imported people.

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