Dick Smith Foods gives its 10th million dollar away

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Thanks to all the wonderful supporters of Dick Smith Foods all around Australia who pay a little bit extra to help Australian farmers. We have now been able to give away a total of $10 million. The latest cheque, for $1 million, has gone to the Country Women’s Association to help all those in distress from the current drought.

See below for the positive segment from A Current Affair which tells the story. We hope you enjoy watching it, and thanks again for supporting Dick Smith Foods.

For more information on Dick Smith Foods, head to our website Dick Smith Foods or Facebook page.



  1. Dick is such a great role model and is so patriotic and down to earth.
    Also great job A Current Affair for producing the segment and spreading the word.

  2. A fantastic effort Dick! All in our family regularly buy the Dick Smith products. It might be a small way to help but if everyone bought just a couple of food items each year it would help those on the land who are doing it tough, keep Australians in employment and businesses viable.

    I just wish some of the other Australian millionaires – either businessmen or politicians would follow your example. The only one I can think of is Twiggy Forrest. Your efforts to help the most vulnerable Australians is to be applauded. As is your warning about unsustainable immigration. If we see more afforestation to make way for more and more housing, will we even have an agricultural industry?

    God Bless

  3. Your a legend Dick…..mate why do we not have any leadership in this country? I would love to see yourself, Pauleen and Alan J put a party together….you would get the vote of every average aussie….(the true people). Common sense in this country has been lost as has the ability to provide true leadership……please keep up the fight mate…..we need you.

  4. Hi Dick
    I find it funny how when china is upset with us they can block wine imports or even not give visas. Yet here we are letting Didi a chinese company like uber operate in australia. Isnt there some security issue in that they can fully map every inch of each city with a company like that ?
    Anyway keep up the good work

  5. You are such an inspiration Dick Smith, Thankyou! You bring the hearts and souls of people together and you enrich their lives with spirit (like water to a thirsty plant). May your heart continue to grow bigger and stronger with every beat!

  6. Thank goodness we still have people of principle like Dick.


  7. your a bloody legend Dick ,thanks mate .

  8. Congratulations to Dick Smith for your continued support for Australia
    We need to have a limit on population numbers as the country has insufficient water resources and degraded land with a lot of productive land near our cities being used for housing & infrastructure, Many of our manufacturing facilities have been sold of overseas by investors at the expense of employment opportunities for young people and caused a loss of skilled trades and subsequent training . There will always be a majority of young people that have good practical skills and do not want to go to University

  9. You are such a kind man dick.always liked you loved what you did and what your doing.you angel.your my angel

  10. Dick Smith for PM and me for the Innovation -Employment Minister! Come to Canberra to see what is going on here and how the ALP Barr ACT Government is undermining all Australians to our peril. Australians do have a Culture and CWA are typical of fair dinkum Aussies.

  11. Dick you are a very nice person, what’s more you made my day.

  12. uo are a Good egg Dick, you are the best Dick in Australia not the biggest (thanks ABC)

  13. I sincerely hope that there are more rich Aussies like the legend Dick Smith.
    Good on you, Mr Dick Smith


  15. Thanks Dick. You are an Aussie legend. Pity all the millionaires in Australia did not put a bit back also. I will keep buying Dick Smith Foods from now on. Was in tears watching the dry dams/paddocks and hearing the cost to freight hay – as much as the truckload was worth. We have had to shoot sheep and sell them for $1 on our little hobby farm back in the early 1990’s – so have some small idea of what it feels like. God bless you and your family and business! 🙂

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