Dick Smith Fair Go Manifesto update

I can’t believe it! Both The Hon Anthony Albanese MP and David Walsh of ‘Mona’ fame read my Fair Go Manifesto and actually liked some parts of it! This is really motivating – so instead of giving up, I’ve had another go and updated it.

Please read here: Dick Smith Fair Go Manifesto


  1. Fair Go and the Housing Crisis. Im losing out on both. Having paid my lifes savings to two brothers for a house, they kept both my money and house. With poor health and being 62 as a consequence I will not be able to work much longer and fear that I will end up on the street when unable to pay rent. I DONT want money, I want a FAIR GO. I want the house that I Paid for IN FULL. To that end I have started a petition on Change.org Australia and ask that those average Aussies who believe in a Fair Go and Justice add the weight of their voice by signing the petition for my house to be given to me and pass it on to families and friends for them to consider signing.
    The Housing crisis is tough enough as it is without this sort of thing happening and there needs to be more protection in place for others who pay for a build or buy a house.

  2. So glad that we have someone looking to the future. I manage a small biscuit manufacturing company called Kookas Country Cookies in country Vic. The company is owned by Donald people who want to continue to grow the company and keep jobs in the town of 1500
    The company pride themselves on buying Australian raw goods from other small Australian companies to keep Australian people employed
    If you have any tips on what we can do to survive into the future and maintain our employment of everyday Aussies I would appreciate, Cheers

  3. Hi Dick, you are right about the population thing. A good example is Hong Kong. High growth, rich, but due to too many people, some people have yo live in cages would you believe. This proves growth without a cap on population will not solve anything and will lower living standards. If the government wants more people they need to develop places outside the city, transport to those areas, not cram everyone. Because alot of Australia is desert thats not really possible. Also the excuse of needing more people to grow the economy is not accurate. In a globalised world we dont need more migrants at all, we just need to sell more to tourists. Less migrants but focus on monetizing tourism more. Hong Kong is proof that high growth does not offset population. Hong Kong is rich but there is not enough spsce so living standards for alot are low. Some living in cages. Growth only if theres enough space which means developing new areas and transport to those areas. Focus on monetizing tourists not on more migration. Lets be the smart country.

  4. Dick Smith’s updated Manifesto is the best proposal for a sustainable, equitable and profitable Australia I have read.

  5. Have you thought about publishing regular statistics:
    HAUGDP would be per head GDP
    HAUWAT would be per head water in dams and rivers.
    HAULND would be per head area of Australian land

  6. Great to see the Australian Weekend Magazine article about Dick and his work. Lets hope the establishment are really staring to take notice and take real steps to address the in balance before its to late. Otherwise we will have to storm the Bastille!!

  7. People who claim that population growth is the big environmental issue are shifting the blame from the rich to the poor – George Monbiothttp://www.monbiot.com/2009/09/29/the-population-myth/
    Hi Dick. Well done on what you have accomplished in your life. And for you continue to do. For speaking out about the injustice and the rort of the system of politics and economics which is causing the damage it is. My primary concern at present is climate change and I don’t believe population growth is quite the worst thing as you do. But I absolutely support your underlying philosophy of increasing foreign aid and acting humanely towards refugees as opposed to the utterly unconscionable treatment we’re currently subjecting these people to. The organisation I’m active with, Citizens’ Climate Lobby exists to create the political will for a liveable world and proposes a Carbon Fee and Dividend: a price (fee/tax) on carbon at source, increasing over time, with all the money collected paid back as a dividend equitably to the public. This is a transparant measure which would encourage development of cleaner technologies, levelling the playing field where the polluters currently are the ones being subsidised by the taxpayer.
    Perhaps you will agree that this fits well with the proposals to fairer tax you are making and can support this. If so, we’d be most happy to hear from you. We can give you much more info of what we’re about which we believes will help towards ensuring a future for all our grandchildren.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best.

  8. I have for many years questioned the population growth and many of our leaders believe a population increase is necessary to prop up the older generation, this is a formula to guarantee disaster. Even better, we employ exper from Korea to help plan our cities, really. Do we want to live in rabbit warrens, have we gone mad. Population is the cause of many of our problems and selling our land to foreign countries is just Crazy. Mr Smith, please continue and if there is anything I can sign please let me know.

  9. We whole heartedly agree with your views on population growth. We despair got Australia’s future. Are you contemplating any visit to S.A. To give a talk etc?

  10. Don’t give up Mr Smith.

  11. Great work, it’s bang on the money, just don’t tell anyone these are basically socialist principles because they’ve all been brainwashed to equate socialism with pure evil. Truth is we need a balance but the scales are tipped way too far towards capitalism at the moment.
    Don’t bother trying to sway the Liberals though, they are devout capitalists and should be called the Business Party.

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