Wednesday 10th January 2018

IMPORTANT, WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! Dick Smith’s controversial new video on Amazon Australia. 

(05.20 mins)

Watch it urgently and share with all your family and friends.
Dick says that the Amazon formula = sacking Australians. Due to automation and the undoubted future success of Amazon in this country, there’ll be less jobs for Australians and profits going back to the USA, leading to a major change in our society!


Tuesday 9th January 2018

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Thanks so much for everyone’s generous support and for working with us to improve the lives of all Australians, it’s a shame that no political party reflects the 8/10 Australians who want a population plan.

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Welcome to Dick Smith Fair Go!

This Christmas, I have issued a challenge to one of Australia’s richest men, Meriton’s Harry Triguboff!

In Australia, the wealthiest 1% have the same wealth as the bottom 70%. That is the top 1% living in this country have the same wealth as 17 million Australians combined.
With 5 million Australians living pay packet to pay packet with no reserves at all, wouldn’t it be great if, this Christmas, we could motivate the super rich to be a bit more generous?

So, as Christmas approaches, I’m issuing a challenge to one of Australia’s richest men, Harry Triguboff, to sign up to Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge and give 1 billion dollars to charity.

I’d love you to have a listen to my challenge to Mr Triguboff by listening to my podcast just below.  You can also click here to download the podcast to listen to later.


If you’d like to read more about my request to Harry, take a look at this –
Dick Smith asks Harry Triguboff for $1 billion

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about The Giving Pledge, go here.

I’d love for you and your friends to come up with any suggestions on how we can get Harry (and other Aussie billionaires) to join the 173 pledgers from 22 countries who have signed The Giving Pledge, or to set up charitable foundations to assist those who are less well off.  Visit our Facebook page (click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page) to leave a comment!

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Dick Smith

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Congratulations to A Current Affair in doing such a positive message on
my $1 billion Harry Triguboff challenge.


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“Australia’s wealthiest 1% own more than the bottom 70%. The Fair Go Manifesto is a plan for an economy that benefits everyone – just not the 1%”. Download the Dick Smith Fair Go Manifesto now!

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