Dick Smith Public Presentation

Dick will be making a public presentation in Wagga this Thursday 26 April at the Wagga RSL from 11am to 1pm about the damage that has been inflicted on Australian aviation by consecutive governments.

Whilst he will not be particularly covering the population issue, Fair Go supporters may be interested in the presentation because it will be linked to the failure of our political system in the last two decades.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  Please tell your friends if they are in the Wagga area.  See the attached advertisement.

PS: While the talk is not specifically on the population issue, there will be ample time for questions and Dick is very happy to answer any questions in relation to the impossibility of endless growth and the Fair Go campaign.


  1. Hi Dick
    I couldn’t agree more with your population plan for Australia ?? it’s the very reason my wife and I decided to have 1 child I have just read your add in the Australian news paper and I hope you can gain a lot of support from many other like minded people
    Kind regards

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