One rule for them – Bernard Salt, the Australian – 7 April 2018

Bernard Salt’s article ‘One rule for them’ from the weekend Australian magazine states that politicians get 15.4% super and typical Australians only 9.5%. I’ve written to Paul Keating asking why the difference.

Read article here: one rule for them


  1. Vive la revolution indeed- saw the 4 corners report on super just a couple of weeks ago what a lovely time the Porsche driving, alligator shoe wearing scumbags in the super funds are having with your money. as they rob you of any decent returns. first rule of most funds make Shure the member don’t get squat. if you didn’t see the show go have a look. now the banks are in the spot light and all the criminality and greed in starting to come out. I remember the current federal government stating, don’t need a commission nothing to see here. what a joke ,go look who funds the liberals you will see our banks are most generous to them, if not us. we are the sheep to be shorn after all. but as this is Australia we will just shrug and forget how we are bleed to death by the big end of town by any means fair or foul. as long as they funnel funds into polictal party’s they have nothing to fear. and that why some party’s try to keep where support comes from a secret . hello liberals. what you got to hide.

  2. Inequality worsened in Australia under Hawke & Keating, and continues to this day. Keating won’t even admit that Super needs to be taxed marginally like other income (meaning the more one has the higher the tax rate), of course he wouldn’t want to increase his tax! Hawke & Keating (Labor PMs) live in mansions as if they were Howard & Turnbull (Liberal PMs). Keating thinks he’s a genius, but the public tossed him out! Must have been too good for us under his regime! Only the Bonds &c did well under Hawke/Keating, much like the well off of today. Heads they win, tails we lose. They sold us out back then in the ’80s, go figure. At least they’re consistent about it!

  3. Dick Smith and Bernard salt, you are National National Treasures ! Fair Dinkum ! Thank you also to Mr. Paul Keating ex. labour treasurer.
    I think with the selling off of Australia’s natural assets and treasonous, turncoat politicians like Andrew Rob going to work in retirement for a Chinese Billionaire, after holding a very sensitive cabinet post in Government – and then this ! This is certainly a big kick in the guys for the average Australia battler ! And the Only Bresson “Lollies” have voted themselves a 15% Superannuation guarantee, is because they can ! They can afford to put away 15% of their earnings because of Politicians huge salary and all the perks which go with the ‘job’.
    And just think of the tax the Politicians are not paying because of the increased voluntary Super payments ?
    And what does the Federal and state Governments pay into Politicians Superb Fund ? Dollar for Dollar – and what percentage of final salary does a Federal or State Politician accumulate once “retired” ? It is the pigs at the trough or another way, the Fat Cats having a feast at the expense of this Australian Nation and the average Australian. Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! If our forefathers fromvRemani, Basheeba or New Guinea were to see what a route our Australia Domocracyvis, they would fix bayonets and charge into Australian State & and Federal Parliaments, and there would be blood on those steps !

  4. I’m all for a bit of ” Revolution “, but why stop just there ?

  5. The political class have always had their nose in the trough since the First Fleet. To them, we are still convicts that have to be kept under the thumb to ensure their continued dominance of us. Time to stick a fork in there collective arses and tell them they’re done.

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