Aussie politicians and company CEOs – a Dick Smith ad

I recently rediscovered this newspaper ad, that we originally ran in January 2013. Titled ‘Aussie politicians and company CEOs’, I think that it’s still relevant and has a telling point – you may like to circulate it among your friends, family & colleagues.


  1. I am concerned at the direction our politicians of both major parties are taking this country. While I don’t think a coalition of minor parties is the answer to our problems, I do believe both major parties need a big wake-up call. Realistically, would a major shakeup (both major parties sacked at the next election) really result in more harm to Australia over the next twenty years than what we are likely to see if the Turnbull and Shorten mobs continue to rule. One thing we can be certain of is that both Turnbull and Shorten will not see immigration or fiscal waste reduced. Perhaps both Pauline and Cory would. Clem McAuliffe

  2. What a gem, Dick! Time to re-run it!

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