Dick Smith’s article about population growth ‘A risky experiment that has no parallel among developed nations’ in today’s SMH

Dick Smith’s article about population growth ‘A risky experiment that has no parallel among developed nations’ in today’s SMH is a must read.


We’ve got the conversation going, now is the time to take action. You cannot have perpetual growth in a finite country – the strain on our infrastructure, resources, lifestyles and pockets is already being felt.

We’re not talking about abolishing immigration but reducing it to a sustainable level and even increasing our humanitarian refugee intake. At the current rate of 190,000 immigrants per year, the primary people benefitting are the large scale developers.

Don’t be complacent, demand change! We at Dick Smith Fair Go have set up this group in order to make a difference and convince the main political parties to take on a serious population plan, to ensure all Australians thrive and have the life we once had in the not so distant past.

Please read our manifesto, which covers the current issues and suggested solutions.

There is power in numbers, so please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ our Facebook page, share with your friends, family and colleagues. Sign up to become a Dick Smith Fair Go Supporter or help contribute to the cause – I will match all contributions from my own pocket.


  1. Mr Smith
    Bravo that you have the courage to continue your lower migration policy. As you know so many (most) difficult social issues stem from overpopulation. As limited World resources are divided among greater populations, of course famine and wars arise creating misery and refugees. Australia has the ability through our high standard of education to have a sensible conversation about our future population and to tie it to our real productivity not forgetting the burgeoning costs of welfare, education and health in Australia. Also we need to inform others about overpopulation and encourage family planning education for our neighbours before they reach crisis point. The precautionary principle is the wisest approach here.

  2. Dear Mr Dick Smith,
    love your passion about this country.
    would suggest to have an online petition about immigration to expose high cost of living, house prices, not enough schools, long delay for elective surgery, having to work two jobs to pay for mortgage, unfair tolls fees and very busy roads, loss of family values due to greedy and hungry developer.
    let’s present a petition to the government that reflects our views and concerns
    we are not just tax payers used to reduce the federal deficit by numbers – we are people little control but it is time to say reduce immigration and restore some of the damage already done.

  3. Including refugees, we have been averaging a 200,000 plus migrant intake for years now. If we think about that for a bit, this figure represents a huge boost for the building industry, and all major parties including the GREENS are not going to interfere.
    One telling reason behind the importance of this current growth (unsustainable) in the building industry, is that incompetence, greed, bastardry and design by Companies, Unions and Government over many decades, has just about killed off our secondary industry. The metal industry, once a major employer and yard stick for Australia’s wage setting mechanism, has been dead for years for the reasons cited above. In more recent times, a seemingly orchestrated demise of the vehicle industry has seen further employment setbacks, while we as individuals have been more than happy to drive foreign cars, and at the same time hearing quips by leading politicians urging Australians to train as baristas for Christ’s sake.
    Our leaders are out of touch and out of ideas, and it’s too easy for them to go down the path of mass migration in order to artificially grow a replacement industry for the ones they and others have stuffed.
    No doubt, big business and developers are making billions as they ride on the back of our failed immigration policy, but at the expense of a trashed lifestyle for the average person trying to eke out an existence in far flung suburbs, as well as the rape and waste of resources and the environment.
    Artificial, unsustainable growth will only result in greed, waste and misery.

  4. yes dick it is time. time for us to act for the good of our country , maybe some street marches I think. peaceful marches in Sydney and Melbourne first, as this is wheir most of the problem resides. I live near cairns qld and it grows at a alarming rate as does most city’s, for no benefit to anyone other than the super rich.

  5. I hope everyone has read Sir David Attenborough’s comment by now; that someone who believes in continuing growth on a FINITE planet, must either be mad or an economist !
    (p.s. this is probably not word for word what he said, but this the gist and the meaning).

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