Upcoming advertisements for the Dick Smith Fair Go group!

What do you think about the ads I’m about to run in the paper to help promote the Dick Smith Fair Go group? Your donations to the group help to pay for them. Any suggestions?

Note: the TV ads referred to in the second ad will be run from August 15th.


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  2. I would vote for dick smith he’s great and at least it will be truth in sentencing with dick smith in charge better than all the other dicks already in that position ,,,, his electronic kits all ways worked and they where all ways helpful, but now he don’t own the dick smiths store its gone to pack nothing interesting there now its just like silly sollies I wish he had it back I stoped going there, it is so rubbish now, we miss our dick running the dick smiths stores

  3. reddit.com/r/hapas for your sons

  4. my 2 cents on immigration, when I die some one can take my place, don’t care if their black, white, or brindle but not before, to many people here now, no water for them and as we have a bad habit of all staying next to the sea in this vast country as do 99.9 percent of the immigrants, on room for them either. as for a population limit we don’t have one, but I can tell you when there was 14,000000 is aust, the place was so much better its just not funny. the more people you get the more laws you need, the less your share of the country’s wealth is, and the less you can do. look at all the places we went as teens for a camp or swim . all you will see is locked up land and land for sale that is way overpriced. but don’t worry that land will soon drop in price but that is another story.

  5. in regard to do we need to spend 20 billion on a new road, I remember a TV program about a freeway in soul south Korea. a lost stream, lost under all the roads was found again, it was a famous little stream loved by the Koreans so they decided to pull down the freeway and clean up the stream , the stream runs thru soul, so there was concern for traffic jams without the freeway. traffic reduced in the middle of soul as people left their cars at home, so no traffic jams and lots of very proud Koreans sitting by the waters of their beloved river, never let the powers that be tell you we know best, some times more and more is not the best answer, just ask the south Koreans.

  6. Hmm, though harshly economic; what about people who pay their way, and those that become wealthy, and pay substantial tax, and pay, whether on a business or personal level, or thru taxation, for others? Very much enjoyed, definitely agree with family benefits severely tapering off after 2nd child.

  7. Interesting comment Paul, appreciate. As adult of a known dysfunctional family, needed community intervention, which didn’t happen, counselling, life-coaching, free education (all deserve, costs shouldn’t be to youth creating livelihood path), and a Liveable Austudy rate to enable the most important factor to becoming a responsible contributing member of society, Education. And of my choice. So affected by family dysfunction, having children last thing on my mind, & without above needs addressed before age taken over, have sadly missed out on.
    In saying that, seems nothing wrong also for some inducement for those who’d require such.
    With the continuance of technology taking over employment, a liveable base income for all is something that is beginning to be discussed, (perhaps/preferably with rostered part-time public employment to fulfill roles), I think of particular help to women, who with our gestation biology, naturally have more life concerns ( known finite time limit to reproduce), personally I’ve never wished to work full-time, wanted to best utilise female relational gifting ( ie. whether in marriage, with children, friends, community). Have never agreed with push for all women to work.

  8. Commentary I posted on the weekend didn’t muster? how about a comment on the commentary?

  9. In the developed world, most countries have some form of welfare state in which there are “child benefits”, the more children the bigger the benefit. To reduce the number of children I am proposing child benefit for a maximum of 3 children. To do this we cannot disadvantage those that are currently in the “system”. Therefore we need to gradually reduce one incentive for more children.

    Proposal : annually reduce “child benefits” by one child, starting at say 15 children,

    ie. After one year reduce to 14 children receiving benefits, after two years reduce to 13 children receiving benefits, etc

    Thus in 12 years we will reach the target of having a maximum of a three child family, except for those who can afford more.

    Result: less population growth, lower resource utilisation growth and a lower tax burden on future generations.

    Jack Sandell

  10. Dear Mk of August 14, 2017, at 8:41 am DicK Smith is not copping out. He is doing what needs to be done. Waking people up with his TV advertisements. He is putting his money & reputation in, not just glibly complaining. Dick is educating the public firstly & foremostly. One man & all the votes in Australia, will not change the apathy most of us are content to accept. We the voters need to contribute money to the course. We can combine our small & large donations to back him. Dick is giving us the platform to fight the same way big business does. Money talks whereas, common sense is being manipulated to feed the greed of the 1% big business tax dodgers who divide us by pointing to old against young, instead of seeing the 1% rich that buy from overseas & only support the minimum workforce of Australian taxpayers i.e. Adani & our stupid gov’t politicians give more profits to the nontaxpaying Adani family without even securing a minimum number of Australian part or fulltime workforce. Not one Australian job was secured in the contract & our poly – she shook hands & the three of them congratulated themselves telling us the deal would create thousands of jobs. All at the determent of one of our biggest tourist attractions – The reef. Now we’re paying for 10 Bali’s tourist attractions instead of expanding our beauty. It’s crazy.

  11. I think we need to change our tax rules & regulations so businesses cannot avoid tax. Don’t blame accountants.

    Businesses use infrastructure to transport their goods & we will have to pay for more infrastructure for the increasing road & air monitoring the drones. Businesses don’t pay for the roads & police yet they pay no tax because all their expenses are tax-deductible so our working class taxpayers are subsidizing big business.

  12. Dear Dick Smith,
    Thank you for this opportunity to have our say on Australia’s real economic, squandered taxes, & propaganda aspired by our elected politicians in all parties to suit big businesses economy for the 1% rather than the 70% struggling taxpayers & their families.
    Now regarding the comment above by Paul Neri 15-08-17, 11 am :
    I am not racial nor unsympathetic to the plight of refugees, however, Australia ought not to give them more per person than they give to our own frail, sick, unemployed. etc. Victims of violence here such as a mother cannot get permanent housing yet an immigrant can access cheaper loans to set up businesses.
    Most people do not realize the huge amounts of money paid to legal firms & court costs for ‘do-gooders’ who tell immigrants they have rights in Australia to expect better & more legal, health & housing benefits than our pensioners receive. Our elderly do not receive the legal advice to avoid the bad retirement contracts; they do not get their costs paid by ‘Legal Aid’ to appeal several decisions in courts with interpreters, yet legal jargon has consequences far beyond even well spoken Australians i.e. Aveo contracts.
    Today’s refugee’s expectations are too high.
    Australia ought not to borrow more money to house more refugees; It cannot house our own population nor supply the jobs for our own eligible taxpayer’s families. Australia cannot afford its debt now, so how are we going to employee & house 200,000 more?

  13. We take nearly 20000 refugees already, it’s the other 200000 we take a year that’s the issue

  14. How many will you take when the “Crisis” occurs???

  15. Thanks for bringing the obvious problems to the publics attention Dick.

    For years I’ve been sick to death from hearing the “growth” argument as the universal solution to everything, when it’s precisely the opposite!!
    Increasing population and endless growth is clearly unsustainable, any government that supports these concepts is grossly negligent.

    Please be careful how you talk about immigration, regardless of any facts, there is a real risk of motivating racism and that will only detract from any good you create.
    Also, with the ads, citing questionable personalities like Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham (possible some others) for me, is not a wise move.

    Dick Smith has a fine reputation in his own right, keep your own image clear as an intelligent, measured person that speaks from real life experience, particularly in the corporate world.

    Can’t wait to see how much momentum you can generate, the time is now!

  16. Hi Dick,

    As much as I applaud your efforts, my feeling is that they will be for nought. People aren’t interested in “doom and gloom”; they have established lifestyles, enjoy their little luxuries, happily take on debt and really change is not on the radar (moving away from a growth economy is no small thing). The question for me is, is there time enough to educate the next generation? Do we have another fifty years of “perpetual” growth (not sure I’m happy with that word, BTW – again you’re attempting to appeal to the masses and they may ask, “What the heck does “perpetual” mean?”). But even then, when a young bloke sees that cool second-hand car, all bets are off!

    It’s all about priorities, however misplaced they are…

    I was an avid reader of the Oil Drum, now a regular reader of Peak Prosperity, often post threads and comments on the Whirlpool forum on this subject (lots of deaf ears) and most recently have even raised the subject on the [Melbourne’s] North East Link feedback page (do we need to spend $20billion on a new road? Is building new infrastructure always the answer to congestion?). I have written many letters to many authorities over the years asking very simple questions. Again, all for nought.

    For me it’s about the basic compounding maths, the doubling effect over time. And of course the scale, now and accelerating into the near future. This I believe is an important point and though easily explained, is *never* explained – puzzle-type examples are distracting (chessboard, yeast, etc, though I do like Al Bartlett’s bacteria-in-a-jar/one-minute-to-midnight analogy). Why not step through some simple examples… What happens to $100 if it grows at 10% per annum? Could China’s double-digit growth ever be maintained long term? Show the numbers, it’s Year 7 understanding after all, really quite simple “to get”.

    Then take it further: What does an economy actually need for it to grow? How much copper? How much lithium ion is required over the coming decades? The list goes on, but it needs to be at a level that is relatable to the average punter. 11 billion people doesn’t really mean anything; heck, 100 million Aussies is so far in the future for most that it’s a fictional proposal.

    Not sure how maths examples can be worked into an advertisement (no-one really does maths!), howver IMVHO, doom and gloom is a real turn off for most. My 2c.



  17. Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you very much for putting your time and money behind this campaign for common sense and a “fair go”. I am not much younger than you are, so I hope that you will get the time to achieve the success that you deserve and that you will do the succession planning to ensure that there are appropriate hands to take up the baton if the worst happens.

    Clearly the existing political elite and the one percent will do all that they can in their misguided (and likely underhand) way to stop your plans, but you have the right of it. We have to learn to live within our means, not just financially, but in terms of use of resources and preservation of an acceptable environment. At the moment I despair of there being a livable world for my grandchildren to grow up in.

    I most heartily wish your campaign every success

  18. Recently Mr. Modi- India’s prim minister said by 2020 all Indians in India would own their own home. Why not. They all in Australia and other Western countries.

  19. Dick, How can we help you?

    What can the average Australian do to fix the problem?

    At the moment it doesn’t seem to matter who we vote for, nothing changes…

  20. Hi Dick,

    You have my vote! The issues you are raising ring true with what is occurring that is robbing Australia’s future and that of our kids.

    Rio Tinto, BHP are training Singaporeans to take Australian jobs through their tax avoidance hubs in Singapore (I know many former employees who have lost their jobs selling iron ore, coal etc in this way).

    Migration has to be slowed, particularly now that the mining development boom has ended-the flimsy 457 visa and conversion to residency process sees many Australian engineers and other skilled professionals without jobs whilst those who came in from the UK, South Africa, US, Asia during the boom remain.

    We are the only developed energy rich nation facing an energy crisis-we must be more like Norway as you say. They reserve their gas for domestic use in priority to export, have a large sovereign wealth fund created from the royalties and have an effective social safety net for retirees and the less fortunate.

    Thanks again.

  21. Recently Mr Modi -India ‘s prim minister said by 1920 all Indians would have their own houses. Why not. They are all in Australia and other western countries.

  22. Dick, have you ever thought about opening up a cafe in each capital city where patriots could huddle and plot (peaceful) revolution?

  23. Dick please stand for a government seat or come up with new party as we need it bad, both ALP & LNP
    are so short sighted it got beyond a joke, in VIC we have a train that never runs on time Melbourne to Albury
    they tell me it was quicker the 70s trains are out dated lines in need of repair, where is the water going to
    come from if we keep growing & look at the power & gas problems we have now short supply = high prices
    one of the highest prices in the world not bad for ones a lucky country ?, and all we keep hearing is one blames the other, we have people living in cars because they can’t get housing, & jobs where are they going to come from we will end up with more people on the doll the in the workforce, with factories closing every day due to cost of power, we have not had real pay rises for years, pensioners can’t afford to turn on heaters due to cost & low pensions, but we have Immigration people walking the streets, don’t work & never will & they get free health dental & housing , then I know of people who have top private health & when they go to hospital they are still
    out of pocket because they have private cover they can’t get in to a public hospital is this fair ??? .

  24. You Are Simply The (BEST).

  25. i want dick for pm

  26. Refugees. Dick apparently supports “[a] carefully screened humanitarian program of 20,000” (presumably per annum). But what if some crisis somewhere makes it imperative that Australia takes more refugees than permitted under its population policy? I realise, of course, that a policy is just a policy and in extreme situations could be set aside, but given that apparently the world does throw up some genuine refugees from time to time , the refugee issue needs addressing in a population context. How do we minimise the risk of genuine refugees blowing out the population limit – Temporary Protection Visas? More strenuous efforts to fund resettlement in other countries?

  27. Allied to the population issue is that of “quality of the population”. Presently we have inter-generational dysfunction because dysfunctional people are bringing children into a dysfunctional family environment and these children, in turn, tend to also become dysfunctional and go on to have children of their own and the cycle is never broken. We need programs targeting at-risk individuals that seek to encourage (by, for example, financial inducement) those people not to have families at least until their own circumstances improve. Conversely, females could be financially rewarded if they refrain from having children until they are 18 with a diminishing payment up to and including age 21? Now these might not be feasible solutions and someone could come up with better ones but I suggest we aren’t doing ourselves any favours as a society by failing to address the issue of irresponsible reproduction.

  28. Go you good thing! Mr Smith you are a brave man to speak out against the unthinking globalists who wish only to serve themselves and enslave the rest of us. Lets shut the doors for a while and Make Australia Beautiful Again!

  29. How can all the left wingers argue with the facts? Its not racist, its just facts and common scene.
    Unfortunately people don’t like the truth as often it prevents them from self gratification.

    I have no problem with a little cultural diversity but enough is enough, and to make it worse the majority of the people we are bringing in have no intentions or means of contributing to our society.

    It is getting to the point now where migrants with foreign values are starting to outnumber those who value Australia the way it is.
    Soon enough they will be the voting majority and then there is no correcting the problem.

    They come from country’s that are already over populated and live with an every man for them selves mentality.
    I’m not racist at all, but it does bring a tear to my eyes to watch the country I grew up in have its culture and opportunities butchered by an influx of immigration.

    If the entire planet continues to expand its population at this rate, we had better start looking a bit harder at moving to Mars.

    Why cant the Australian government just look to other countries (USA, China ect..) and see what problems over population has caused

    Its time for Australia to put Australia first, fix our own problems before we try to fix the worlds!

    So good to see an intelligent person putting there neck out to help the country. Such an unselfish move and I take my hat off to you for that!.

    I hope the population gets behind you, I will!!!

  30. One of the hurdles that will need to be overcome is that a number of the people listed in the Thimbs Up section of the Advert have been so vilified in mainstream media and marginalised, that those with a vested interest in mainting the pro-growth status quo will seek to consign your rational and considered approach to the underlying issues, to the fringe. Just need to maintain the momentum. It may well be that a new politica force based on a fairgo for everyone is required

  31. Thank god there are still people in this world like you Dick. You have always put your love for Australia First, you have not just talked, you have shared your wealth to try to promote Australian made and everything Australia. Your family and all of Australia should be very proud of you.
    I do not have a lot of money but if you need help my Husband and I will be there with the money we do have.

  32. I would tone that rhetoric down as it is just ignorant. Majority of people who do come here are productive.

    Nevertheless, there is an environmental/infrastructural carrying capacity of the land that if exceeded will cause problem even if everyone is productive.

  33. the population explosion x development is a threat to all nations and humans in general. Biologically we all lived in a closed system called earth which is unable to replenish itself at the accelerating rate we are consuming its resources.
    This post WW2 boom and bust is inevitable with out serious charge immediately.

  34. Dick Smith has a trusting and trueblue presence about himself , Australians will be attracted to his idea’s for Australias future ,We will follow you and trust you Dick.

  35. Dick mate you are copping out. Start a political party. I know you feel you dont need the hassle. But its your calling. You will easily gain heaps of votes and be able to create the chages required.

  36. Tell you what, Dick, here’s the deal. Now, as we know, you’re an exceptionally generous man. In the past few years you’ve donated $70m to the Salvation Army alone. I wouldn’t give the Salvation Army or indeed any other charity (other than WIRES) tuppence because, as I’ve complained about before on your site, they lack manners in that they ignore “no doorknocking signs” on peoples’ homes. In general their practices (doorknocking/spruiking at shopping centres) add to the coarsening of our society. Dick, if you want to donate to the Salvation Army, that’s your business but if you genuinely want to help hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of your fellow Australians who are terrorised on a daily basis by Charities you might consider making it a condition of your largesse that the beneficiary of your donation has in place a policy of not entering upon premises where a “no doorknockers sign” is affixed to the premises. If you agree to that, and I hope you do, then I’ll give you a few bob for your political campaign.

  37. Fantastic call to arms about our ridiculously high immigration policy Dick
    What you say is going to happen is actually happening now in some regional areas with rural families being neglected for services especially medical
    There are pockets of extreme poverty in some farming areas that are not being addressed and family values are being disintegrated
    Australia is being ruined by governments letting in too many unproductive people who have to be supported by the few that really do work

  38. A Dick Smith party would leave the rest for dead. Bring it on I say. We don’t need rabid policy or emotional rhetoric. All we have to do is find the right people to do the Job.

  39. A Dick Smith Party would wipe the floor with the rest of them. Bring it on.

  40. David , intuitively giving taxpayer’s money to political parties is fundamentally wrong.

    It entenches them and makes it harder for new parties to arise. In addition , knowing the cunning if the power elites , it will not achieve your aims.

    Better I think to adopt the Swiss referenda system . This takes away their power and breaks their stranglehold .

    “4) The electorate has a veto-right on laws: If anybody is able to find 50,000 citizens signing a form demanding for a referendum within 3 months, a referendum must be held. Laws do only need to find a majority of the national electorate to pass a referendum, not a majority of cantons. Referendums on more than a dozen laws per year are not unusual in Switzerland. ”
    Best, Ralph

  41. Dick , I have had a lot of ” cut through ” with the following .

    Australia’s Debt

    It is a “secret” that on average , every extra person that is added to Australia’s population numbers , is a unit of debt .
    This is irrevocably supported by one economic statistic .
    That stat is the continuing and chronic, Current Account Deficit.

    This deficit means that on average , every Australian now is a unit debt . We are adding 1.2 million units of debt ( people ) to Australia , every 3 years . The fiscal results for Australia has been catastrophic .

    Debt, wholesale public and private asset sales , affordability of the basics of life , the starving of support for the CSIRO and the abolition of free tertiary education, are all a direct result of the cumulative impact of ignoring this one “secret ” truth.

    Stabilise the population growth , then the debt will stabilise and capital will be liberated for productive investment in research for exports and retraining .

    Balanced Migration and Balanced Fertility achieves stabilisation .

    Currently for balanced migration…… as 70,000 people leave each year , then we can bring in 70,000.”
    As our birthrate is DOUBLE our deathrate …. Govt benefits after 2 children must taper off to send a powerful message that 2 children is the most appropriate family size financially and environmentally .
    The taper-off of Govt benefits should be significant but relatively small for the 3rd child and a steep decline with the 4th and any subsequent child .

  42. Yes, Dick for PM !

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  44. Dick for PM!

  45. THANK YOU Mr Smith! A prominent, well respected, intelligent person to help get some commonsense debate about sustainable migration policy. Turbo charged migration (200,000+ permanent migrants a year), is not popular or wanted, yet why do we still get it? Please more ad’s to embarrass and show up “our” politicians, so everyday Australians really get to know what’s going on.

  46. Great stuff Dick. I have been a supporter of you for a long time. I have also read your book some time ago. Not sure how to get Liberal, Labour, or Greens to bring this up. In my opinion it is political donations that are behind Big Australia. All political donations should be illegal. To compensate there needs to be a big increase in the dollars per vote given back to the parties by the government. This would help towards a real democracy, instead of a badly skewed democracy.

  47. Check out Sustainable Australia’s immigration policy


    Full comprehensive policy platform also available


  48. Onya Dick for telling it like it is .. all major parties are too influences by donation to do what’s right for Australia. This crazy immigration scheme has to end .. before it bankrupts us.

  49. Do you only want our money, or does the “group” imply people contact? I have no money to give, but I have labour and skills.

  50. You are so right Dick Smith good work. You talk common sense…most Pollies don’t!

  51. Bout time we had some one to lead. Why can’t we have a public conversation about this????
    Sick of hearing its racist to talk about immigration levels!!!!
    I’ve signed up and donated, what else can we do….let’s get into these bastards,I’ve had a gut full.
    Ps. I’m not racist, I’ve been married to an Asian woman for 15 yrs and we’ve got two boys

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