The Aussie Housing Affordability Crisis – 4.32mins

Dick talks housing affordability, population growth, and the first research report of his new group.



  • dear dick smith
    we as genuine aussies must regain control of our nation.— somehow we have to tear away the control of the super wealthy families that control our destiny purely for their own selfishness
    It is pathetic that a mere handful of rich persons can dictate to the nation by using their wealth
    stop the growth of multiculturalism which divides our country — -bring back national service which will unite us once more we were great once — and we can do so again

  • I haven’t read all the articles yet, just signed up this morning (at work) anyway just want to comment on housing affordability, I am so anti banks, I have lost so much over the years to their policies, the most recent was I was trying to get back into the housing market (I’m in my 50s) I had a 10% deposit, secure government job, but because the place is rural they want a bigger deposit because they don’t see the value in what was being asked for it. Yes I tried 3 major banks and two brokers, all the same, rural isn’t worth it….no wonder the cities are getting crowded. The place I was trying to buy was $40k, pathetic banks pathetic.

  • Hello Dick,
    it is great to see some of the baby-boomers [I am one too] stand up for the huge inequities we have created. I had no trouble at all buying my first house in a central capital city location at age 21 and for under 3 years of my average wage.
    My pet hate is negative gearing, which is really taxpayer subsidisation in the form of forgone tax revenue. My manager at work [public sector] has a salary of around $160K but is very proud that he pays not a cent of income tax, …zilch. This is achieved by buying yet another negatively geared rental property every time it looks like he might exceed the tax free threshold. Ofcourse the demand from negatively geared investors is in direct competition with first home buyers. This non taxpaying individual still drives on our roads, uses hospital services and calls the police if he needs them. Unfortunately nothing will change because there are now millions of negatively geared real estate investors and they all vote.

  • Thanks Dick
    I could never understand why bigger is better. It just puts a strain on everything. Hospitals are quaking at the knees, it only takes one problem with traffic and it’s at a stand still. Our kids can’t buy a home etc.
    Slowing immigration has nothing to do with nationalities , it has everything to do with numbers.

  • Thank you. Finally!! Someone with sense and a voice to relay what most of the population are thinking. You’d have my vote!

  • Hi Dick,

    If you do read this, I would like your opinion on Privatization;

    I believe privatization has made the tax payer financially poorer and vulnerable. Not only are corporations not paying their fair share of taxes, the bulk of the revenue from these privatized assets that should have been in tax payers hands would be greater than the tax, if any, that we receive from these corporations. Our services are shrinking because the tax payer has no assets to generate income. It doesn’t make sense. Every time we privatize a government department that assets work force is reduced by more than half.

    Your opinion on this would be appreciated.

    I support your Articles I believe they are what is needed to make changes for a sustainable planet and equity within society.


  • Totally agree with you Dick. We need more level headed and focused people like you in politics thinking about the future and sustainability. There are far too many things spiralling out of control in Australia including unrealistic housing prices, the high cost of living, rising uni costs and unemployment/casualisation of jobs. My daughter has anxiety daily about whether she will ever be able to buy a home near us in the years to comes and she is 19 and just starting out! I am starting to think the answer is no if you Dick are saying 25 years to save a deposit. Very sad, that stress wasn’t there for me 25 years ago. Time to have a hard look and make a change.

  • Your on the money Dick. Overpaid politicians, journalists, sports people and corporate heads of industry have difficulty relating to ordinary people. I don’t think fairness will return without a wage fixing system for all non self employed people.

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