Unbelievably sad announcement – Dick Smith Foods to close

It is my melancholy duty to inform everyone that after 19 years, I’ve had to make the decision to close Dick Smith Foods.

It’s really sad – the reasons are covered in the attached letter (see link below), which I sent yesterday to our three major retail supporters, Coles, Woolworths and Metcash (IGA). I thank everyone for the incredible support over the years.

If you look at the graph shown on page 2 of the letter, you’ll see that our sales had continued drop until about 2010 and at that stage, I was considering closing the business down. If you remember, I made announcements at the time. However, everyone came out with incredible support and I put in a lot of extra time in trying to revitalise the brand. As you can see, we had a small blip in sales, but then once we stopped selling our products at cost or less than cost, the sales started dropping again.

It’s amazing that foreign-owned Aldi is now our most trusted brand, whereas Coles, Woolworths and Metcash (IGA) have done everything they can to try and keep our products on the shelves, are not as respected.

Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful support. Our suppliers are going to keep our products on the shelves as long as they can, so please look for them and try to support them. In some cases, they may have to import from overseas to compete with Aldi, but that’s the marketplace these days!

I am really concerned about the future for our children and grandchildren.

Dick Smith

Read letter to Coles-Woolworths IGA re closure of Dick Smith Foods here.


  1. I am sad that the food line will disappear. I don’t buy Aldi food. I have tried their food and all I can say their knock-offs – well unprintable here. I have tried giving the family their range and have found food heading to the bin. That makes it expensive. They never do that with the Dick Smith range or any products made here in Australia. Let’s support our business and farmers, not foreign nationals who can’t make a donation to any Australian charity.

  2. Very sad, a sign of the times. Without cheap food, many more Australians would be unable to feed themselves in light of low wages growth and high costs of living (power and housing esp). Sadly, going cheap hurts us all in the end. Also, Aldi does sell good lines at amazing prices, much of it Australian made/grown.

  3. That is very depressing, Dick. However you have been able to support Australian businesses and charities for 19 years so that is something to celebrate. Unfortunately the reality is that price is the bottom line these days. I just wish that those people buying cheaper foods would look at the country of origin because in most cases it will not be Australia! And for those people who want to buy cheap but still have higher wages, wake up to yourself!

  4. PRODUCT LABELLING is a major player here, I believe. Shopping with the best of intentions to support Australian producers & industry is hampered by (intentionally) poor labelling. More information about country of origin labelling is available from the ACCC website. Visit http://www.accc.gov.au/cool for details.

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