Overpopulation is a real threat – letter to the Editor in The Australian, Wednesday 13 December 2017

Isn’t it great that other Australians realise that overpopulation is a real threat? Read the letter in The Australian yesterday showing the writer’s belief that the Defence Department should be looking into overpopulation – so true.



  1. Don’t you like the way both sides just take the easy way out: more growth is all we need! And at the same time the rich want more of the pie (milking us all) meaning less for the growing masses! Outcome: the biggest disaster we’ll ever know. It’s as obvious as the Titanic heading in to the ice field, but as we know that wasn’t seen until after it sank, by some!

  2. Can we avoid disaster. Perpetual population growth and our economy are about to collide due to the fact that economic growth can not be sustained without population growth. Can we find a balance? The key word to remember here is GROWTH. The politicians from both our major parties continually lecture us on the importance of economic growth and the disastrous effects of going into recession but they avoid telling us that population growth is the easiest way for them to increase economic growth (more workers mean more production and more people to buy the extra products that are produced, it does not take an economic genius to work that out). Unfortunately this is not a sustainable situation. We will need a new approach before the current one falls apart.
    The big question is ” will we heed the warning signs” and act before it’s too late.
    D R Williams

  3. I don’t know about retreated into our many and varied tribes. but what will happen is mass die offs, of all living things and the fauna and flora of Australia don’t get a vote, so they cant do much but die. and all for the sake of making the mega rich ,richer.

  4. As it happens – 80% of the worlds problems would go away if the current population had instead stabilised at the levels seen in 1920;. 19 of the remaining 20% would go away if 1% of the populace didn’t control 90% of the worlds assets and resources. Sadly very few of the mindless masses thing population levels are either
    a) A problem or b) THEIR problem.

  5. Dick says:
    Thanks for your comment KJ, overpopulation is a real threat.

  6. Funny, the ABC reports that Russia is a threat to northern Australia (‘cos they’re white?), yet when was the last time a Russian plane bombed us? Russia is only doing play wars with Indonesia near Darwin, not even over it. But tensions in the suburbs are barely mentioned on the ABC, or played down as nothing. Balanced news? Hardly these days. Murdoch media give the other biased side to the stories (street gangs at large), so one has to watch both to get the middle story. No wonder so many turn off and just use social media (which is worse still for unbalanced stories and rumours). When will the media wars end?

  7. The stresses that significant overpopulation (competition for resources) would impose on a homogeneous population would be bad enough but in a multicultural, pluralistic country like Australia, the effect would be disastrous as we all retreated into our many and varied tribes.

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