1. Absolute disgrace, he also doesn’t reply to letters sent to him or the relevant parliament on the issue! I do not understand the complete disregard for the average Australian. In future our demographic will change and we will lose the vast majority consensus that we can not keep bringing in too many people.
    I work with recruitment and yes a lot of people come in studying etc. on their skilled visa though as soon as they gain residency they do not continue to work in the profession.
    Besides when 1 “skilled” labourer is brought into the country we still get their partner (many don’t work) and their children so any tax they pay would not benefit the GDP per capita as it would merely pay for the strain they and their family put on our infrastructure/resources etc as they have not paid income tax until they get here. That is also assuming they have 1-2 kids, what about the ones having 4+ children.
    Unfortunately with the UN having so much power over individual countries this will not change unless they are disbanded.
    Between Malcolm’s stuttering on the issue and “populist” criticism of Trump it is easy to see that he is either fulfilling his own need for greed or following instruction from foreign powers.

  2. She’ll be right was much of what Turnbull said, and we know best may as well have been the answer! Amazed he didn’t say we’ll perish without it all. It wouldn’t be a problem if we had jobs for all and affordable housing and unclogged roads. Wake up PM, the people are asking you why and all you can say is no worries! How many more LNP voters would you like to lose to One Nation?

    1. Dick says:
      Thanks for your thoughts KJ.

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