The crane mutiny: how Sydney’s apartment boom spun out of control

Mike Ticher reported in The Guardian on Thursday 4 January 2018 that building apartments along transport routes in Sydney was meant to create a more sustainable city.  But only developers seem happy with the results.  You can read the article here.


  1. 6,370 people are not happy with proposed development of 95 seniors units on high priority wildlife corridor at Bayview Golf Course . Enough is enough – development has to stop.

  2. what is needed in the three stratas of Government are more Independent Parliamentarians who genuinely believe that over population is going to be the demise of the Australian Way of Life in the future.
    Further, it is basic logic to believe that with the over population of Australian Cities particularly, but also important Regional Centres. Both will not have the civic services from local government – Shire Councils to facilitate advanced infrastructure to keep up with population ” bombs”.
    Population Bombs – That is, when newly settled immigrants and Naturalized Australians begin to have family reunion visa applicants inhabit Australia, but also by having greater than 2 children per couple to ballance the diminishing aging Australian Population.

    1. Dick says:
      Thanks John, some very good points.

    2. Suggestion: have just two tiers of govt: federal and regional govts that cover both state and local govt issues. In other words, no more state govts. State govts are a legacy of pre-federation times, and are little more than state councils as they spend most of the money but raise little of it themselves. Much of what they do is wangle to rob each other of monies from Canberra, and behave like little countries otherwise!

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