Australia’s wealthiest 1%

15/08/2017 – Manly Daily
15/08/2017 – West Australian
15/08/2017 – The Australian
15/08/2017 – Australian Financial Review
15/08/2017 – Canberra Times
15/08/2017 – The Land


  1. It’s an absolute no brainer that endless growth is as likely as finding unobtainium here on Earth! It’s equally a no brainer that growing discontent can’t ever be ignored, look to America where battle lines are being drawn between far left and far right groups, almost like the 1960s, or 1860s even.

    We have had such things in Australia in similar times: Eureka Stockade, bloody riots during the 1930s economic Depression. When politicians’ words fail pitchforks soon follow! Both sides of politics are very aware of this, they have constant polls and surveys to measure the mood of the nation, though they seldom let on to this. Do we learn? Seldom in advance, often in arrears (hindsight).

    We need more than just another election with the usual result (stalemate in the Senate), we need reforms to break the deadlock, like perhaps a re-think of the current system that works against the voters’ intents. How does Labor get to be in charge of Qld with a mere 33% of the vote? They got 51% after preferences, largely from One Nation voters, who are generally not Labor voters! That’s what I mean.

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