The ABC coverage of population

27/09/2017 – Many Daily
05/10/2017 – The Land
27/09/2017 – The Australian
27/09/2017 – Canberra Times
27/09/2017 – West Australian
27/09/2017 – Hobart Mercury
14/11/2017 – The Age
14/11/2017 – Sydney Morning Herald
15/11/2017 – Australian Financial Review


  1. Totally agree with KJ regarding Kelvin Thompson. I’m normally a coalition voter, but have been known to vote Labor, depending on the major issues of the time. However, I have always admired Kelvin Thompson for putting the welfare of the nation and its citizens before party politics.

  2. Where will the food come from when all the arable land is taken up with high rise?
    Our hospitals, schools , roads , parking and other essential public facilities are already at stretching point and excessive immigration is making it worse.
    Excessive immigration is sending the general population broke trying to finance the cost of providing the ever-growing need for these necessary amenities
    Gone are the days of backyards ,free space for kids at home and at school.
    Dick Smith is right! We need free range kids

  3. Great ads for the papers and sadly truthful message about ABC (and all other networks), they just can’t get it from inside their echo-chambers.

    Only Kelvin Thompson (fmr member for Wills until 2016) would dare speak out against insane party doctrine. Just vote Sustainable Australia or nothing will change, can’t trust any of our current pollies, can’t even trust them to tell us their nationalities truthfully! And then they wonder why voters are hostile to them! What are we coming to?

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