ABC Four Corners programme ‘Big Australia: Are We Ready?’ covering Australia’s population growth issues, is on TONIGHT 12 March 8.30pm – followed by Q&A

IMPORTANT REMINDER, please watch tonight!

Please watch both programmes and most importantly, post your comments and questions to the Q&A website here or Tweet during the programme using #QandA.

This is a vital opportunity to support the cause with some pointed questions to Q&A, particularly, if some of the Pro-Development Lobby make any outrageous statements, hinting that you can have perpetual growth in a finite world – Tweet the truth!

It’ll be fascinating to see how the ABC treats this important issue and whether they reflect what 8/10 Australians want – which is a population plan.

Watch promo here: Big Australia: Are We Ready


  1. its all about me at all times ,we are completely self centred we need to make these people understand their slice of the pie is less with every new mouth, bugger the bilbies they scream, I want a higher standard of living. and I don’t care what or who has to die to get it. we need to show them the more people in Australia the poorer they will be in money and life style. its all they care about. I don’t care who replaces me when I shuffle of, pom ,Arab ,African don’t care, just as long as the population don’t increase. we need to hit them in the only place they care about their bank account. tell anyone that will listen its going to cost and see then jump. lest start a movement, the more population will bankrupt you movement its all they understand.

  2. sounds like the same brunch of nuts

  3. Let’s not give up meanwhile, nearly 3/4 of us don’t agree with it and feel ignored and helpless, but we’re the majority! The left/right wing media keep supporting the other 1/4 of us who seem OK with it. Vote Sustainable Australia!

  4. Bob Carr was the on the show who said numbers must came down from overseas back too Paul Keating numbers

  5. 13-Mar-2018
    Saw your idea on TV tonight.
    Internally, I had this sense of real relief.
    I had no knowledge of what others were thinking about 20 years ago. I just had this strong sense that the rate of immigration was a real issue so I told those around me. (I was like an island swallowed up in a big sea). I rarely spend time projecting my thoughts over the Internet but in this case I can’t help myself. Thank you!!! Please don’t stop! Please don’t stop!

  6. Sadly agree, except Bob Carr the rest of the panel seemed to support high immigration, though Tim Flannery stated the obvious: more people = more impact. The panel needed another voice against Big Australia, like from Sustainable Australia.

  7. Woefully inadequate coverage of the issue. And Q&A afterwards was even worse. It is full steam ahead for disaster. How dare they screw up the whole issue with such a panel. And Jay Song. Of course she is for mass immigration. A comfortable well paid job in a university for not even showing the slightest insight into anything. They all missed the point. All reasonably mannered people who regard it as a talk festival that is not really an issue to them. It was all about infrastructure challenges. Not one of them could see that the world and Australia is in for a disaster. Ecological damage and food shortages did not get a mention. Social and environmental issues did not matter to any of them. They are all well healed and pretty well insulated from the social problems which will result….. until things get too bad and then we are all in for it.

    The world’s environment will turn on us. It is evident already. Yet humans have only self interest. It is only ever about us.

    Q&A was an insult .
    Just like the stream of trash that is printed in the Sydney Morning Herald.
    And the Guardian.
    I am angry. But unable to do more than observe. The wheels are in motion and there is no stopping what is going to happen. My only option is to retreat and try and survive till I fall victim to the inevitable consequences of human stupidity. This program and the panel simply encourage the destruction .

  8. Australia unlike many other countries is mainly semi or full desert, therefore uninhabitable. For that reason most immigrants are finding our main cities the only real prospects for modern living. Existing superstructure is proving inadequate for populations we currently have. Will the huge cost of providing acceptable new superstructure exceed any benefits (if any) of increased population? And can Australia provide sufficient water and food to maintain goodhealth and life itself?
    Comparisons are constantly made between immigration following ww2 and the influx of that of today. There are vast differences. Following ww2 there was an acute manpower shortage at a time when massive reconstruction and building energy generation, airports and transport was a necessity. Most immigrants were of Christian faith and assimilated well into the Australian population.
    Currently we see traditional Australian values being eroded by islam religion which has potential to destroy the unique Australian way of life with extremist doctrines that insist that islam is the only true religion. Those who differ from those ideas are considered to be infidels who, at the extreme end of the spectrum should be “put to the sword” and at the other end not permitted to integrate with those of other religions persuasions. There is a potential that some will never assimilate. Those at the extreme end are prepared to give their lives to uphold their religious convictions, thus we see the burgeoning fear of terrorism which has been henceforth completely unknown in Australia. Already the costs associated with anti-terrorism are great and growing. Are these costs sustainable for a peaceful Australia. And are they considered to be fair for the ever-paying Australian taxpayers?

  9. Dick, why are you not on QnA tonight ??!!?? You should be !!!!!!

  10. The panel in tonight’s Qanda if anything but balanced. Without exception all of them are pro-mass immigration and with vested interests in continuous growth.

  11. We will never be ready. Today the Sydney Morning Herald published an article about Indian farmers who load their crops with much more fertilizer than is necessary for good crop growth. They do this because crop failure means they will starve. There is no safety net in India for those who struggle. This is because the numbers of Indians are just so massive that the economy and the government can not afford to protect the people. The article was detailing the consequences of this over fertilization because Indian farmers are apparently being held responsible for the thinning of ozone layers world wide because of excessive fertilizer use.

    This is what is in store for Australia and the rest of the world. Social security safety nets are not affordable. This is simply because they are unaffordable. Social security is a wonderful thing but can only be successful in societies when the demand is not excessive. It is a simple and practical equation. As societies increase all these wonderful initiatives are rendered defunct. The erosion of these safety nets for societies is assured as the population and demand increases. Governments and societies are strained beyond their capacity. It is a simple equation.
    All the other securities and societal developments will become more and more unmanageable. Technologies will falter. Some people will do very well but most will struggle. The natural environment will be a casualty.
    Are we ready ?…. As Michael Caton said in The Castle … “Theyr’e dreaming!”

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