ABC Four Corners programme ‘Big Australia: Are We Ready?’ covering Australia’s population growth issues, is on TONIGHT 12 March 8.30pm – followed by Q&A

IMPORTANT REMINDER, please watch tonight!

Please watch both programmes and most importantly, post your comments and questions to the Q&A website here or Tweet during the programme using #QandA.

This is a vital opportunity to support the cause with some pointed questions to Q&A, particularly, if some of the Pro-Development Lobby make any outrageous statements, hinting that you can have perpetual growth in a finite world – Tweet the truth!

It’ll be fascinating to see how the ABC treats this important issue and whether they reflect what 8/10 Australians want – which is a population plan.

Watch promo here: Big Australia: Are We Ready


  1. Dick, why are you not on QnA tonight ??!!?? You should be !!!!!!

  2. The panel in tonight’s Qanda if anything but balanced. Without exception all of them are pro-mass immigration and with vested interests in continuous growth.

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