High-rise residential blocks in suburbs are not the solution – Judith Sloan, The Australian

Fantastic article by Judith Sloan in The Australian today, telling the story of how we’ve traditionally valued having a backyard, a little bit of space for the kids to play and dare I say, to have a BBQ with a few chosen friends and/or family. Good on you Judith, you’re just another one of the leading journalists who are reflecting what most Australians want, which is a population plan.

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  1. Including refugees, we have been averaging a 200,000 plus migrant intake for years now. If we think about that for a bit, this figure represents a huge boost for the building industry, and all major parties including the GREENS are not going to interfere.

    One telling reason behind the importance of this current growth (unsustainable) in the building industry, is that incompetence, greed, bastardry and design by Companies, Unions and Government over many decades has just about killed off our secondary industry. The metal industry, once a major employer and yard stick for Australia’s wage setting mechanism, has been dead for years for the reasons cited above. The same actions by the same culprits were also responsible for the destruction of many other industries in this country over the past forty years, the textile industry was one, and in more recent times, a seemingly orchestrated demise of the vehicle industry has seen further employment setbacks, all the while we Australians have been more than happy to drive foreign cars, and at the same time adhering to quips by leading politicians urging Australians to train as baristas, for Christ’s sake!!

    Our leaders are out of touch and out of ideas, and it’s too easy for them to go down a path of mass migration so as to artificially pump up a building industry in order to compensate the nation for the industries they and others have stuffed through failed policies over decades.

    No doubt, big business and developers are making billions as they ride on the back of our failed immigration policy, but at the expense of a trashed lifestyle for the average person trying to eke out an existence in far flung suburbs, as well as the rape and waste of resources and the environment.

    Artificial, unsustainable growth will only result in greed, waste and misery.

  2. Ever been to to Kellyville ?…. they are building concrete in the Dust Bowl…. ie penrith…. 47 Degrees…. more concrete to reflect that heat…. That’s just inhumane…. Cruel !

  3. …how despairing it is following this conversation, when knowing that since the evolution of white settlement here in Australia, we are progressively led to believe that collectively we are leading a better lifestyle.
    It is apparent that for a small minority, if you can maintain the status quo then you have good reason to stroke your ego and feel satisfied ,
    But for the overwhelming voiceless majority who seem powerless to do anything about this breakneck pace in population growth, it would beg the question…. has it not got past the point of no return already.
    As an early baby boomer who traveled Australia in the early seventies and consequently bought a 70 ac (270,000 m2) property to live on because i could see the see the same thing happening then with overpopulation,.. gives me no joy to retrospectively say ” i told you so”.
    Conversely, nothing would give me more pleasure in what time i have left in this life to see how we could put to good use, the advancement in knowledge, communications and the belief in the democratic process to not only determine just what the ‘sustainable” population of this country should be … but to conceive.a path to successfully achieve that
    …and while i`m dipping into the fantasy that , that may ever happen….. how good would it be to think that the world`s most successful multi cultural nation, could lead other countries by example and show how that could be achieved … so then eventually we could share in sustainable global migration….
    Then we could truly say we are evolving and realizing our full potential….

    …. aand to you Mr Smith, on behalf of all Australians, dont die anytime soon our country needs you…. 🙂

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