1. Well said both Nigel Sinnott and Tanya Miller. Each time this gets mentioned, the messenger is accused of being racist (when bigoted is more accurate, race is never in question at all). We’re simply stating the obvious.

    Taking millions people from poorer countries would make little difference to those countries’ problems, in fact it lest dictators off the hook. Often, it’s the better prepared people who leave, making their parent countries worse off without them. Why do people have to come here? It’s simple: there are too many over there and it impacts on those countries overall, when will the those are cry racist (who claim to be better informed) ever work that out (or agree)? It seems to be more to do with moral crusading. It’s not about morality any more so than morality sinking the Titanic.

    There is an index of instability online that ranks countries according to their political and economic stability. Not surprisingly, the most stable countries were the least populated, Scandinavian countries topped the list. To the smarties who will point to Hong Kong (the highest populated land in the world) as being stable, its footprint goes well past its borders, without resources being carted in from elsewhere it could not exist.

    We now have 55 persons per square km worldwide, under 30 would be better. It’s not just about living space, it’s about farm land, park land, deserts, road space, etc.

    In a weird alliance, it seems the well meaning but blinkered are in cahoots with the wealthy in this!

  2. I agree with Dick Smith and Nigel Sinnott 100%. The question is whether you can change the minds of people who have been raving on about human right’s issues for some time and wanting more and more immigrants to come here because of lack of protective governance within their own countries. Or it may be because they wish to break their own poverty cycle in their own country. So in order to stop the number’s of people who come here, how do you overcome public resistance. This will be your challenge but I will fully support you and I think you should run for government. I will vote for you.

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