1. Population growth is significantly contributing to the problems of the environment, and the loss of of our standard of living. The simple answer about reducing, or reversing this population growth is only a part of the solution. Unfortunately, society’s attitude is also at fault. We all consume products at a great rate, throwing away, what is now impossible to repair. Companies are marketing in such a way that older items are no longer acceptable. The wastage of resources is creating a mountain range of waste – all of which have consumed energy, and effort. It is a big money-go-round that permits ludicrous salaries for CEOs, whilst promoting the “Battler” image to obtain subsidies from government. This attitude also is critical if growth of anything is not achieved – and this also extends to the sporting field. It is very difficult to make headway in the zero growth argument when all your opponents have vested interests in the opposite. Good luck Dick.

  2. Good on you dick smith , . , Australia is not a lucky county anymore , we have too many people in Australia, I have been saying this for a very long time. lets do something about it. well done dick.

  3. This to be expected from a system that by it’s very nature is a Pyramid /Ponzi scheme. What am I talking about? The monetary system of course. All this insatiable greed starts at the apex of the economy and the banks are the start of the economy. Our monetary system has a self defense mechanism, the very people who profit from it, the mainstream economists who preach the gospels handed to them by the bankers and an assorted courtier of hangers on paid from the coffers of the bankers. As the quote goes; “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” And history in this case is the transition from the British Pound as world reserve currency to the Federal Reserve and its US petro-dollars. I think anyone interested in solving our social and economic problems needs to research the Fed. But very soon, in the not too distant future, when all faith in the $US as world reserve currency is exhausted, through corruption and extreme inflation. The international financiers through their mouth piece the IMF and WB, will announce the SDR as the a new world reserve currency. Proclaiming it to be devoid of the problems associated the single nation currencies as a reserve. But this will only be a ruse, to place every country under the financial control of the money oligarchs. Think this is too fantastic to be true? Time will tell and history will repeat, that I am sure of!

  4. I am glad that someone has at last said something about the present state of Australia. Governments of all types serve only their best interest, not the Australian people. The very rich and big companies pay little or no tax which is left to the Australian worker. Our present systems of government, including Europe and the USA, are the walking dead. I am afraid nothing will happen. The news media inform us of little importance…look at the Corby joke…meat pies and footy…they push their own agenda, especially the ABC. Yes, Dick, we need our own flag…green with a yellow kangaroo and the Southern Cross in the top left…this is Australian. Nothing will happen till the revolution. I’m just an Australian mug, but all us Australian mugs agree with you Dick.

    A. Mug

  5. There’s a lot of wrong’s that need righting and as Aussies we need a huge attitude shift. We’ve become so used to being bullied around by unsound arguments with no end in sight that we just give up. We can’t afford to do that anymore. When I left school I was straight in to the workforce packing weetbix, then that factory in Adelaide closed down after about 68 years of operating. Started working at pizza hut delivery driving and figured out I was essentially paying to work there because they had 3 drivers on at all times and only about 2 deliveries an hour. We were expected to work in the shop but only got pay per delivery. I found work as an orderly for 2.5 years at the Royal Adelaide Hospital to see if nursing or medicine was for me and I was dismayed at much from working there but I learned much more. I left after 10 straight months of night shift after that took its toll. The job market here in S.A was so bad I moved up to a community in the N.T to find work, after political bs got my brother and father kicked from the community I left also. I’ve not been hired here for about 2 years (so I’ve been working what gigs I can get as a magician) and in that time I’ve had 1 interview and it was for a 1 day a week gig as a quiz master for $100 per gig and I was auditioning against 28 other people…I’ve since begun a NEIS program so I can start a S.A toothpaste company because it seems to me part of the core issues we’re having is an over supply of overseas consumables and underproduction of local consumables.
    It’s apparent that if we don’t rescue our economy the great south land is doomed. Also I think rather than rely on immigration for our population growth we should focus on helping the indigenous Australian’s replenish their numbers and the honour that’s been stripped away. So many countries have seen their indigenous populations shrink into a poverty hole and after what I’ve seen in the N.T we need to fix a whole lot of shit! Let Australia be the exception while other countries seem hell bent on war. Let’s stabilize ourselves with self sufficiency and start sending permaculture teams overseas instead of just flat resources that usually just go to the local tyrants anyway.
    Stimulate the ability of other countries to make themselves more self sufficient and have a engaging respectful relationships with the land. If we send bullets many will be spent and little gained but tension, if we send seed and permaculturalists seed will be spent and much will be gained for centuries to come and they can replicate like nothing else. Now’s the time for reason, remediation and reconciliation.

    Technology makes all the difference! Nepal and India have only recently encountered the standing European scythe and are converting from hand sickles which requires the user to squat and waddle to harvest grain.
    We’ve over looked much and my caution is that as we fix ourselves we must also help other countries to stabilize themselves or it’ll be for naught anyway.

  6. & sadly Andrew,it’s not Our population growth that’s adding to the problem…as was illustrated recently on a social media site, was the tale of just one of the myriads of “refugees” who’ve been flowing into this couny in ever increasing numbers for decades now….com0liments of our Politicians bent on posturing on the international stage,egos inflated at our expense declaring to all & sundry how we’ve ‘magikly’ become the ‘Dr Bernadoes’ to the rest of humanity who’re apparently still unable to comprehend they’ll Never solve their own unsustainable population growth they’re unable to sustain nor feed, nor educate, either through “religious restrictions” grounds ,or sheer lack of Will & laziness.

    Prime case in point as illustrated recently…… “Middle Eastern man who came here in 1995, met a woman two years after arriving here from his own region & whom he then married. Now has two more “wives” of whom neither live with him and his ‘fist wife , but live separately in two other residences. Between them they All now have, at last count, 13 children…..All on Social Security…..& the kicker?…..since arriving here back in ’95…..neither He, nor any of his “wives” have EVER Had a Job…… “blessed are the poor” – so long as you’re a “Refugee” & Not a true blue Aussie aged starving Pensioner trying to exist on the pathetic amount they’ve worked & been taxed to anticipate all their lives for, but which would hardy feed a pet dog or cat or budgie or goldfish…..assuming they could even afford one without the express thought of ‘fattening up as a tasty Christmas treat. “Advance Austrlia Fair?”……a very l-o-n-g stretch of the imagination these days……and as for that hoary old chestnut previously known as the “Luck Country”…..that sadly passed away decad ago. 🙁 .

  7. Thank you
    Someone needed to correct Helen. I had to refrain as my language and chastisement would have been way stronger than yours.

  8. Good on you dick for having the morals and decency to stand up to the modern greedy corporates and politicians we have today who are supposed to represent us and not only the rich.It is about time we heard the truth and not the babble that the media spew out daily.It is about time the rich were held accountable for all their lies,tax avoidance and growing inequality that has resulted from it all.It is a scary future that will come if nothing is done to stop this growing inequality and educating the masses is the key and thank you for trying to do something in this area.I will always support you as you are true blue.kind regards from kev.

  9. For so many elections i have either not bothered turning up, paying the fine when it arrives or voting informal as i don’t believe in the people up for election. Dick Smith I believe in you, i am all in.

    I have heard since the 1990’s people in my life say “We need to have a revolution”.

    There are far more poor people than wealthy people & when the majority realise its a hopeless situation of never ending circles/cycles of poverty now becoming generational then this country may have the revolution that is needed to purge the people inflicting this poverty upon them in the misguided belief that without them we will have nothing without them.

  10. Helen – maybe you’re the fool ! your nonchalant altitude is dragging the country further down the tube, THANK GOD for Dick someone has the determination to stand up and tell it how it is, Helen were sick and tired of our way of life being dragged down to the lowest common denominator, the immigration needs to slow till the gutless political parties on both sides pandering to the left need listen to their constituents no one wants it, what is this costing us ?
    Racism “typical response from the uneducated bigot it has nothing to do with racism it has everything to do with our way of life degenerating to third world standards- get off your high horse stand up for the Australian way of life.

  11. dream on you fools, this will be forgotten before you know it,that’s because the main stream media & the main stream political parties will make it go away,easy! its economic growth that’s important full stop.It cost Mr smiths one million dollars to start this campaign, economics get it? god knows how much his buy Australian campaign cost,and all that’s forgotten now, no one wants to push that mantra anymore because it smells to much like racism,Lets face it the only people in politics today worried about two things, money and what they will write in their memoirs.Nice try Mr Smith but it wont happen.

  12. At last the cats out of the bag….population over load is a huge threat to the world. We can help that by example and reduce our own population growth to sustainable levels. Onya Dick and as said above ‘if’ you go for it , you have my vote .

  13. thanks dick, i am sure there’.s an economic black hole attached to migration already that is not on the table. Futuristically no, more pensions as the migrants on citizenship qualify, no prior input necessary, what an incentive , and those who put in a lifetimes contribution are going to get nothing.
    The housings gone through the roof on asian investment,and all the taxes reaped from it, havent gone toward building for the masses now or in the future, what a huge price we will pay for this in the future, you are right and thank God the truth is coming out.

  14. As a very old, agnostic Anglican parson (and I suppose none of that is relevant) I greatly welcome this campaign by Mr Dick Smith – one of the truly great Australians of our time by whom I have again and again been inspired. But right wing racists and Trump supporters should not hitch themselves to it. As I see it, it does not relate to the relatively quite small number of true refugees, relative to their numbers, relative to our total immigration, that Australia is taking in and I welcome the recent increase, and deplore the condition of those on Nauru and Manus. It is the massive total immigration that is totally unsustainable and a fundamental cause of so many problems in so many areas – hospitals, education, transport, preservation of good agricultural land, biodiversity, social cohesian, town-planning, planning that assumes this level of immigration will continue, etc etc. Our ignorance of mathematics is stunning, even more so an ignorance of and ignoring of science. And beyond all this, of course, is the unsustainable growth of human population on this finite planet – for which there are answers. T.S.Eliot said, that “humankind cannot bear very much reality” (and greediness too is a part of our condition) but we need to bear more of the former, and resist the latter.

  15. You are an Aussie icon Mr Smith. Thankyou for standing up and leading the way. I had lived overseas in a third world country for 8 years and after returning home 2 years ago, I was so shocked to see the blatant elitism of our politicians and large corporations destroying the spirit of Australia with their greed and arrogance and corruption. I thought …oh no…we are becoming third world where there is NO fair go…the poverty, homelessness, ignoring human rights, gated communities for the rich, denial of medical services for all, high crime rates, denial of education for all, lack of employment etc etc. How dare they destroy our Fair Go for all…that which our pioneering families and our brave soldiers fought for…

  16. About time someone speak up for the majority of every day Australians! I am a pensioner, living from pay to pay , no extra allowances as these refugees get, and YES they do get EXTRA, more than the lousy five dollars increase every six months! We have too many homeless, some choose to be, others have no choice. Why can’t we The Lucky Country, go back to maintaining the high standards to what most of us were used to. I was not a racist my parents came from the Mediterranean in the 50’s. They had to be sponsored, had to have guaranteed work, guaranteed housing and with no Government entitlements, plus they came in to this country from the front door and they had to pay the fare. Further more, then every one assimilated, worked for a living and worked hard! We all had one common denomination, Christianity!!!! C’mon Australian politicians, work for us Australians , give us some confidence back!!!!!

  17. We need to stop the rorts. The gravy train for politicians and elite bureaucrats. People are angry. Costs are rising in a resource-rich country. Nothing is being done to help the average Joe Blow who is unable to help themselves. Instead state governments rely on poker machine revenue etc etc fuelling poverty further. It is criminal.
    We need real leadership.
    Thanks for standing up!!

  18. I also deplore the greed and rapacious attitudes of big business in Australia.
    Ethics no longer exist in the corporate boardrooms in Australia.

  19. Well said Dick, if only we had more Australian’s like you, with the high profile to get media attention over these issues.
    The past Governments, since The Howard, Costello led Government, have failed Australian’s dismally.
    Growth of course favors The Rich, of course “The Large Shopping Centre Owners want the Population to grow, As do The Casino’s, Governments, Etc “.
    The average Jo & Jill Blow’s though, just want a home to call their own, to raise the next Generation of Aussies, and live a decent life, as it used to be. They are not Greedy. Affordable Housing is Fundamental To Australian Families, many Families I dare say will put off having Children, or have less Children, because of the Affordable Housing Crisis, and that really is not good for Australia. We need Home Grown Aussies, so that we can bring in less migrants.

  20. Hello Mr. Smith,
    Thank you for your’Fair Go’ introduction. I am now 70 years old, and ‘retired’. For years I have watched (with chagrin) the gradual deterioration of the ‘Australian’ psyche, as the madia (not a typo) bombard the nation with their subtle, ever more liberal, politically correct poison every day. As a result, a majority of the people have become obscenely greedy, self obsessed and without any sense of responsibility. They no longer have any regard for the Ten Commandments nor the ‘greater good’.
    It’s about time Australia got some ‘common sense’ opposition to the insane garbage that the co-ordinated international and local madia spew. Should you ever choose to enter the political circus, I for one would back you, but I can appreciate your reluctance to do so in light of what the madia are doing to Donald Trump.
    There are very rough times ahead and Australia (and ‘One Nation’) desperately need a ally to join in the battle for Australia.
    Best regards,
    Geoff Daley

  21. We are turning our cities into wind tunnels,the landscapes on our cities changing with increasing number of high rises to support population growth and I don’t like it.

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