1. Hi Dick. I am flabbergasted at everyone’s ignorance on this issue, including yours. I listened to you on the media last week and you haven’t picked up on the elephant in the room.
    There is only one thing at play here and that is a GST scam.
    It is wrong to say by ringing the hotel direct will get you a better price. Nearly always the 3rd party agitator is cheaper.
    They always have a 10% advantage on price + 1.5% on no credit card merchant fees.
    As you know Dick that is a massive advantage in business.
    Dick, it’s very tough for all at the moment. Every dollar counts. You should be telling people to get the price they can.
    It’s not the motels fault.
    It’s not the consumers fault.
    It’s not the 3rd party agitors fault.
    This is a problem with GST legislation and the loophole needs to be fixed.
    Two areas need to be fixed.
    1. International agitors legislated to pay GST
    2. All accomodation providers must pay 10% GST. This includes all apartment hotels Meriton etc, Air BnB and anyone making income on holiday rental.
    When the GST was legislated rent was rightly exempt from GST but there are loopholes in that legislation that need to fixed.
    Apartment hotels and air BnB did not exist when this legislation was written. They are exempt from paying GST.
    It is an unfair playing field screwing hotels and motels all around Australia.
    Why have these business sat on there hands saying poor me without any discussion about the elephant in the room. This has been happening for a long time and is so bloody obvious.
    Dick the cynic in me believes this scam is directly linked to the real estate investor market. Who would of thought.
    Please Dick and the motel/hotel industry no more poor me tears.
    Start communicating the real issue and fix the elephant in the room. Your problems will be solved overnight.
    I look forward to the day that I will be able to ring hotels and get a better price.
    Good luck.

  2. Hi Dick, good presentation. It’s thought provoking and it’s time we support our big island & tiny population economy. You just pointed out why globalisation is not good for the locals. Bravo!! Absolute rip-off

  3. Great job Dick. You are truly the best guy to promote this rip off – everyone knows who you are and what you do for our country. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Dick,
    we can out tech the ota’s

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