Irresponsible claims by SBS and others link RACISM to the population debate – 2:25min

Dick responds to SBS on his statements on housing affordability, population growth, racism.



  • Dick Smith’s comments aren’t racist. They might seem racist to some, but thes epeople are shallow minded. On the other hand, what is racist about not wanting racist people come to your country? The other day i saw at a school ground oval near Perth where i live two teams playing soccer and their supporters – all of whom were afro-american. I was astonished to see not a single white person involved in the game or nearby. Reverse racism has become something we need to now look at – where in Australia, its worse if you are an australian, and recieve less support and housing and more because you are either white, or where born here. In Perth, we have the asian area of Northbridge. If you go into all the cafe’s and restaurants you probably will not find a single Anglo-saxon working there. Like i say, reverse racism is a reality – many labour hire companies discriminate against you if your an Australian – in your own bloody country! I don’t think its racist, to not want racist people coming to Australia. Multiculturalism is an over idealistic idea that will see over a period of time the loss of minor cultures in a web of cultures where the most racist will survive. In that said, we have no choice but to think about our own race, our own culture, as a fan of species diversity that i am, how can all human species continue to live if we all live in Multicultiralism? Evolution tells us that over time the minority race disappears – we have 1% of Neanderthal DNA mixed with our own – did multiculturalism work for the Neanderthals? When it comes to apes, gorillas and chimps, we all want to see them continue living on, but for some reason, when it comes to humans, minor races and species of human we wipe out. The American Indians are but one example of an advanced thinking people in harmony with life who have lost most of their original tribes and people. Multiculturalism will be the death of us all, over time, to the major species of hominids, which is asian and Indian, then muslim and so on. I want to see species diversity continue, that means each species needs their own “space” to exist, uninterupted. The business paradigm cares nothing for anything but more money. Dick Smith is on the ball, though growth itself is not the problem- its how we use growth that fails us all. Growth, in terms of mental health, is in fact the answer to every problem. It takes balls to stand up as Dick is – good on ya Dicky – you’re a star.

  • A problem here is that the closet racists may be attracted to your argument and drag your position too far to the right. Preaching to the converted such as old white aussies, will lose you traction with younger progressive generations. Attracting a younger and more diverse type of people to the argument will be important to the success of this campaign.

  • Well written Dick Smith as always. One Man for Australia…. I agree that the immigration Policy has to be Stopped and reorganised to such an extent that if it needs to be abolished So Be it.. There has to be Jobs created and new Industry brought back into this Country; This New World Order is absolute chaos and should never have even been started in the first place. I can remember hearing about this on a tape in the 60,s and My Blood ran cold listening to it. Keep up the good work ….. People are listening to you. God Bless you for having the insides to stand up for what you believe in and that is Australia.

  • I agree, but we need this more at a world level reducing population growth than Australian level. The world needs to reduce the unsustainable drive for more people to feed the pockets of our capitalist society. With out more consumers companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and so on would go out of buisness.

  • BTW, thankyou Dick. Truly a man with integrity. As they say judge a person by what they do, not what they say. For 5 years the major party politicians have uttered some faux concern about runaway house prices and its affect on housing affordability, yet did nothing – nothing – about it. I so hope that your campaign will gain sufficient traction that enough people of Australia with ‘get it’ so to make a meaningful difference in policies of political parties if they wish to survive let alone govern in future. SBS, et al have debunked nothing regarding the housing crisis – this is just vested interests pushing their own agenda. The very things that have spurred house price rises are: high net immigration, illegal but implicitly politically sanctioned buying of Australian residential real estate by foreigners (consider real estate agents in the past actively promoting established properties to foreigners – hardly concealed violation of the law, with no repercussions), the World Bank (I think the World Bank) view that Australia with its lack of anti money laundering laws has made Australia for years a haven for laundering proceeds of crime and corruption via Australian real estate; and, the vast influx of 457 visa workers that is nothing short of treachery by our politicians on its own people, which also denies Australians first right to Australian jobs. (Youth don’t have the skilss? Train them!!). Crucially, the housing crisis is a mere kernel of what it will be when today’s politicians are living fat off the taxpayer teat with their non-age or means tested pensions. There are many kids now wondering how the heck they can afford a house where work is, with many many more kids that will one day face this scary prospect. a legacy of today’s political ideology which in substance both LNP, ALP and to a far too signficicant extent also the Greens subscribe to.

  • Even Dick treads carefully. Lets get to the bedrock of the problem: how did housing affordability become a problem?
    Well, it is the increase in price of a house – not value as the real estate lobby calls it, its just price. Ergo, the problem is price. The answer must be then be found similarly in price. I speak for myself and many, but I guess not everyone: I’d be happy to see my house halve in price along with the rest of the national market. Why? My kids! In simplistic terms, with 2 kids, for every dollar the housing market reduces in price is a dollar that each of my kids won’t have to scrounge to buy their own future security. That is, as a family unit, for each dollar the market falls in price is $2 of VALUE the wealth of my family unit gains. Make no mistake, house price rises make most of us, not riche. Those that benefit are only the significant holders of real estate – the politicians and their future employers after politics. Consider Sustainable Australia as a worthy political party. Don’t rely on election promises of the LNP as regards factors affecting housing policy, including immigration, sanctioned illegal foreign investment, etc. If they were genuine, they would push policy through now. Don’t rely on ALP either. Except at the trivial periphery, they are just as undemocratic in principle as LNP as regarding housing these housing policy factors.

    • @Andy, while I appreciate your sentiment in favour of halving the price of your house, what you do not address is that people will then have a home loan that will be greater than the value of their house. This means financial ruin for the majority of Australians.

      Sydney and Melbourne are currently looking at this potential bleak prospect because their house prices are overpriced especially when compared to say Brisbane. I shudder to think about the consequences should the predicted house price adjustment ever occurs in Sydney.

      What I am also concerned about is what the fallout will be from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in terms of Qld house prices. Unless we get on top of the Population/Immigration control issue things will never improve.

  • I agree with everything Dick has said. I dont think he should be accused of racism, as we ARE becoming too way over populated! Everything in our country is a huge mess! Electricity prices are too stupidly high, way beyond our affordable means!!! I agree Dick should stand to be the PM. We need him. I have always liked and respected Dick n his video here proves why. Keep up the good work Dick.

  • I am a Greens party member but wish they were as outspoken on this issue as you, Dick. I agree with everything you have said.
    It is patently obvious that increasing our population by 250,000 people per year – three times more than the long term average from 1900 to 2000 – will lead to overcrowding and infrastructure failure. And high house prices.
    Reduce immigration to a sensible number – say 60,000 people per year – and we might have a chance of keeping up the infrastructure and maintaining a semblance of our standard of living.
    I also agree on Dick’s recommendations on negative gearing, capital gains tax discounts and land tax to make houses more affordable.
    This stuff affects my vote.

  • I agree population is a big problem and needs to be addressed I enjoyed reading your book on the subject. I think SBS are way off track on this and without context can’t comment further. You have been attacked by The Australian news paper in the past because you called for a population policy so seems you cant win being attacked by the left and the right. I offer one explanation comments like this in the comments here “Unfortunately our Western Society are so accepting of multiculturalism that we are then branded when we wish to preserve our morals.” are so loaded people ascribe the messaging to you? I do when I read the likes of Andrew Bolt and their messaging. We are in such a charged political world people can’t differentiate. Any way keep up the good work you have always been an inspiration to me.

  • We do not need more immigration .There is not enough resources to feed and water them all .With power, water and gas becoming unaffordable to the average Joe Blow on a low wage and getting taxed out of his ears, and the evil Julie Bishop wasting tax payers money cavorting around the world handing out Billions of dollars and at the same time making the interest bill unaffordable for future generations to come. Malcome and Julie have insulted Australians and how dare they renig on the money promised to cyclone Debbie victims .They both need whipping for the distain they have shown our own country while pandering to the Islamic countries.. Nothing short of a double dissolution is required by the Governor General and hopefully the present government, labour and the Greens are all voted out due to their being traitors by trying to make us a third world country

  • The problem is that the discussion mixes several issues. I agree it is necessary to have a proper discussion about how many people Australia can carry in a sustainable way, renewable energy,
    no fossil fuels, no land clearing and about taxation laws like negative gearing,capital gains tax and family trusts. Does the present income or wealth distribution really give everybody a fair go ?/The question is also if the quarter acre block is still appropriate for some parts of our major cities. Do we want to spread our cities more and more , loose green space and create more and more traffic?
    Somebody at SBS is shooting from the hip.

    • media is controlled by the big boys……… whatever the big boys want to push towards the NWO, the controlled media will push………… never the truth like Dick Smith speaking up about what is true, they will bag it out

  • Totally agree Dick. I had myself sterilised at 26 yo. in 1976, after having 2 children the youngest 5.
    The Greens have totally departed from their environmental based philosophy. Population has a tremendous impact on the environment, farming, housing, infrastructure. The worst example locally was the clearing of hectares of native bush for a 4 km extension of the Roe highway.

    I voted for the Sustainable Australian Population party at the last election.

    Unfortunately our Western Society are so accepting of multiculturalism that we are then branded when we wish to preserve our morals. ideals and aspirations for our children and grandchildren.
    The Media in all it’s aspects plays to sensationalism now, some worse than others.
    No wonder there is the trend towards Nationalistic attitudes

  • Dick, I respect and agree totally with your comments, you touch on what the problem really is, and it hits a raw nerve, mainly because it is true, and others know it, but won’t own it!!

  • Good work Dick Smith,

    Perhaps don’t take the attacks from SBS personally, or even legitimize them with a reply until you hear some reasonable arguments from qualified people.

    It’s merely a social justice warrior rant,
    They attack because of who you are, not what you say.

    A Social Justice Warrior (SJW) can be any person that claims affliction or persecution in-order to give their opinions immunity from criticism or rational debate.

    “I am handicapped, so I must be correct”.

    Ironically, In their rush to attack you, SBS is supporting a flawed, ‘western’, economic system, as well as indirectly contributing to destruction of our forests and extinction of our wildlife.
    Essentially, SBS is a mouth-piece for property developers.

  • Our version of Capitalism is a fundamentally flawed system as its very existence depends on continuous growth of our economy, which in turn depends upon our population forever expanding to create demand for goods and services.
    No government, especially no Liberal government, is ever going to have policy that limits, stifles, or in any way controls population growth.

    Political correctness gone mad is part of the problem, as no-one feels able to speak out about the problems caused by immigration accelerating our population growth to an un-sustainable level.

    The reason why the suburban backyard is a thing of the past is down to greed pure and simple. Developers, local governments, service providers etc. make far more money from smaller blocks than they possibly could from the old traditional “Quarter acre” blocks of my childhood, which I remember with much appreciation and fondness.

    The old Aussie culture is very purposefully being reshaped into something that I find alienating and strange.
    To my mind, the culture and lifestyle of days gone by was far better than what we are tuning into now, and you are correct, it was based on a decent sized backyard where kids could play footy and cricket, build cubby houses, dig holes, climb trees, and where people could grow fruit trees and vegetables for themselves and stay in touch with nature.
    The natural world even had a bit of a chance because there were enough trees in backyards to keep many wild bird populations, insects, frogs etc happy enough to stay around for kids to explore and adults to enjoy.

    We are turning into a army of workers, slaves to the people who make obscene profits from poorly paid workers who have no choice but to work for peanuts because they will sink if they don’t.

    Imagine how much less tax the working man and small businesses would have to pay, if the massive profits of the Commonwealth Bank, the formerly State owned banks, Telstra etc. were going into general revenue, instead of the hands of investors and CEOs, yet still we have governments wanting to privatise privatise privatise!!!

    As I find myself often saying these days, I am so glad I am on the way out, not on the way in, and god help the future generations if the madness continues.

    Keep up the good work Dick,
    Kind Regards,
    Phill Trott.

    • Phill it sounds like you are around the same age as me I agree with all you have said, I just hope THEY don’t shut him down, I worked full time for 53 years my wife and I raised three kids and owned our first home and now our current home, in 2003 I was given six months(lung cancer) . When I look and listen to all that has changed I believe self serving polies for many many years have created the problems we have now and the current lot just don’t get it, we have had enough, I fought very hard to survive but have often been quoted as saying( Id rather
      be on the way out than on the way in.) If they don’t take the things we leave our kids it will be the only way they will own their own homes, god help those less fortunate.
      God bless and good luck Dick.

  • Dick in the murky world of politics and populism coupled with the inability to separate reason from emotion, you’re going to have to get used to it. With so many immigrants in Australia population limits will automatically be viewed some as racist. Not helped by the inability of people to disagree in an agreeable manner.

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