Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle DVD (67 mins)


The DVD of “Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle” contains a special segment presented by Dick which outlines how you can win the $1,000,000 Wilberforce Award.

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Dick Smith’s six-month journey of discovery to explore how rising population is changing Australia and the world. The answers, as revealed in the film came as a shock.

What he uncovered, was that for most Australians, population growth most likely means a lower standard of living and that despite the pressure it’s placing on our infrastructure and environment, no one has a plan to deal with the massive increase in population we’ve been experiencing in recent years.

“This is the most important issue I have ever undertaken in my life” says Dick. “I won’t rest until we have a proper plan in place that informs Australians just how many people we can sustainably support in this country”.

Special Feature
Dick Smith tells you how to win the $1 million Wilberforce Award PLUS over 20 minutes of extended interviews.