Rare allies back a Big Australia – The Australian, Friday 4 May

I despair! I’ve been contacted by many people in relation to the front page of the Australian on Friday 4 May (see below) – “Rare allies back a Big Australia”. The reason for my despair is I think it’s staggering that the union movement would support a Big Australia, when it’s clearly detrimental to many workers.

What has been left out of the discussion is the fact that you can’t grow forever. The article makes it clear that big business and the ACTU support the record high immigration levels. This will take us to 100 million at the end of this century, then onto a billion and then a trillion people in Australia – that’s clearly impossible! So presumably, their plan is to stop growing in one day, but I’d imagine it’s “leave that to future generations to solve, we are selfish, we’re just going to think of ourselves now”.

It’s understandable that big business wants growth, the greed is unlimited – the billionaires who are only worth $10 billion aspire to be like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who’s worth over $100 billion US.

Bob Carr once asked “For the wealthy, when will enough be enough?”. I said to Bob “Never!”. Many of these people have a short circuit in their brains where they just simply cannot contain their greed. Don’t get me wrong, fortunately there are many generous billionaires, mainly in the USA – I wish we could get a few more here in Australia, like Andrew Forrest and Leonard Ainsworth, who’ve both signed the ‘Giving Pledge’.

If any of our Dick Smith Fair Go supporters are members of the unions with the ACTU, please talk to them and find out what is going on – I wonder if some sort of deal has been done between big business and the current powerful unions where self-interest will prevail, but the weaker unions and people who are not in unions will be exploited? As I’ve said, it’s a complete disaster to find the union movement has coupled with big business to support ultimate greed until everything collapses as every Ponzi scheme eventually does. Of course with record population growth, it means there are more workers applying for the ever diminishing jobs because of automation and robotics which keeps wages down.