“Only a bipartisan effort can fix the tax system” article by Adam Creighton, The Australian, March 19 2018

Great article in yesterday’s Australian by Adam Creighton, saying (I believe correctly), that only a bipartisan effort can fix the tax system. He also states that “Globally, the world’s wealthiest 1% now own more than half the world’s assets, up from 43% in 2010” and that “Since 2000, the share of over-65s paying net tax has dropped from 24% to 16%”.

I recommend that you read it and forward to all your friends, family and colleagues.

Read here: Only a bipartisan effort can fix the tax system


  1. seems to me most good work that comes from government, issues out of committees, holding members of all parties. they report to government with their findings in the matter at hand .and the government of the day considers the findings. and hell, sometimes implements them. much better than captains calls, and one party ideology, thank god some of this still happens.

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