1. Dick,
    You deserve to be Australian of the year again. Australia has many problems, endless growth at this time is making us weaker not stronger. You get my vote !

    1. Without doubt, the most important issue of our time, and Dick the most concerned citizen of our time and place, for the world not just Australia. But sadly neither the issue, nor Dick, get the due the attention they deserve for it.

      It’s like Dick would have to be a human rights lawyer before he’d be noticed, and the issue has to be high on the UN’s agenda before it’s noticed.

      The right wing press are pushing the interests of their masters (growth = $), and the left wing media are pushing their social justice issues ahead of obvious sense.

      There just isn’t a bigger issue than this, it even tops climate change for world stability. Frankly, we can cope with warmer climate better than we can cope with more people. More people = more self interest and conflict over shrinking resources. When will the learned of the left acknowledge this? Perhaps they’re in a fog of disbelief.

      Dick and the few of us who support him are certainly not in a fog of disbelief, accept that we can’t believe the blinkeredness of the so-called ‘learned’!

  2. Wonder what amazingly complex answer the ABC will come up with? It’s as clear as glass the ABC avoid this issue like the plague, fearing racist tensions would rise. They’ll rise al the more for the ABC avoiding it. Good luck!

  3. The ABC is disinclined to acknowledge the fact that unsustainable global human population growth is the underlying cause of all human conflict, famine and anthropogenic climate change.
    This is because if it did it so, it would lose its claim to be the loudest voice of humanitarianism in Australia. Without human suffering, the ABC would not have the breadth of global content it currently enjoys.

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