1. I believe the ABC wrongly sees itself as the moral conscience of our society, and has gone down a very narrow path of orchestrated social engineering and manipulation, while at the same time being more than prepared to exhibit disdain and arrogance towards the many people who account for 95 percent of other viewpoints about our values, beliefs and ethics.

    The stark proof of ABC bias and manipulation is their lethargy in engaging what we all know to be the elephant in the room, the issue of rampant and unsustainable migration and growth, as well as the associated abuse and mismanagement of the Nation’s prime land and resources.

    At some point in the past 40 years, the ABC appears to have been infiltrated and taken control of by those who we remember best as being on the edge of anarchy as they filled the streets in the seventies, spruiking and protesting anything that their newly attained taxpayer funded university education had flagged as being in a flux of change.

    There’s nothing wrong with change so long as it’s for the better, but it appears there are forces at work within the ABC naively committed to supporting a path of continued mass migration as well as an ingrained policy of one world nonsense as set down by their masters from the cringing and apologetic left of politics. Ironically, the unbalanced manner of reporting by the ABC on this issue, is also giving a leg up to the greed and negligence of developers, big business and their grovelling limpets from the right of politics in their tunnel visioned quest of selling houses, cars and toilet roles to the masses. Of course, the only outcome of all this irresponsibility is the rape, waste and destruction of resources as well as quality of life, and more importantly, our grandchildren’s future.

    From seeing their actions by and large during the past couple of decades or so, the ABC displays a want to vigorously invest in all manner of minority interests, and are quite prepared to bully the silent majority who have the audacity to disagree. In my opinion, they have become the platform for unattainable off the planet social idealism, hand clasping political correctness, raving left wing extremism and wasters of public funding in general.

    No doubt, many of these educated, intelligent, articulate, confident and persuasive people, also filtered out into other branches of society and had genuine concerns and desires to make a difference. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen over the decades, the balance between what is thought to be right, and what is actually practical, has gone terribly askew at times due to a significant amount of failed thinking among a minority of these clever and calculating people.

    They are the non-conformist loonies and civil libertarians who bleat any time a security camera is erected, as well as those naive enough to advocate a totally free and self-regulating society, as if that was ever realistically possible. It’s they who over time have exerted their often failed ideals upon positions of influence held across vast sections of the inner workings that drive the social structure of our nation, and who eventually by their actions whether as the general overall media, educators, regulators, legislators or members of the judiciary, have determined and are responsible for things like acceptable social standards. It’s absolutely no different to any irresponsible action committed by those of sporting notoriety or indeed ordinary citizens which may be seen as condoning unacceptable behaviour.

    In my opinion, it’s the actions of these misguided few that has negatively affected the impartiality and efficiency of all Governments, public organisations and instrumentalities, including the ABC. There was a time when I would never miss the ABC news, current affairs or social interest programs. Unfortunately, from my point of view, they have become unbalanced in their delivery to the extent where I feel they display obvious and blatant bias. As a consequence of their apparent fixation on minority and political correctness issues, I’m a less frequent ABC watcher these days.

    Political correctness is out of control the world over, it’s driven by an idealism that sets out to provide a fairer world for all (good), but the irony is that on far too many occasions the outcome ends up disadvantaging the majority by allowing free reign to those who don’t respect majority values and current laws that sprout from these values. You only need to look at what’s been happening to our youth over the past couple of decades, young people regularly bashed and killed around pubs, clubs and in the streets, to understand that we as a society have never before had so much freedom, but the checks and balances required to prevent such abuses on society have systematically been removed over a period of years by a minority of failed thinkers.

    Quite often, this failed thinking results in attempts to impinge on freedom of speech by seeking to deny citizens a rightful knowing of their right to voice an opinion, either by a manipulating and irresponsibly social engineering and brow beating media, or deals done in Parliament by the usual suspects of minority viewpoint, particularly on whatever holier than thou subjects that happen to be the flavour of the decade.

    The ABC is not our social conscience, does not represent the majority, and must not be allowed to perpetuate this self-indulged and fanciful notion that Auntie knows best. They must not be allowed to continue to divide and conquer the majority view by throwing disproportionate amounts of public funding at five percent of minority issues. As a taxpayer funded organisation, the ABC should be focussing on issues that affect the majority of Australians in a positive way, instead of the orchestrated and divisive minority nonsense we see all too often.

    Unsustainable growth equals greed, waste and misery.

  2. Without doubt, the most important issue of our time, and Dick the most concerned citizen of our time and place, for the world not just Australia. But sadly neither the issue, nor Dick, get the due the attention they deserve for it.

    It’s like Dick would have to be a human rights lawyer before he’d be noticed, and the issue has to be high on the UN’s agenda before it’s noticed.

    The right wing press are pushing the interests of their masters (growth = $), and the left wing media are pushing their social justice issues ahead of obvious sense.

    There just isn’t a bigger issue than this, it even tops climate change for world stability. Frankly, we can cope with warmer climate better than we can cope with more people. More people = more self interest and conflict over shrinking resources. When will the learned of the left acknowledge this? Perhaps they’re in a fog of disbelief.

    Dick and the few of us who support him are certainly not in a fog of disbelief, accept that we can’t believe the blinkeredness of the so-called ‘learned’!

  3. Dick,
    You deserve to be Australian of the year again. Australia has many problems, endless growth at this time is making us weaker not stronger. You get my vote !

  4. Wonder what amazingly complex answer the ABC will come up with? It’s as clear as glass the ABC avoid this issue like the plague, fearing racist tensions would rise. They’ll rise al the more for the ABC avoiding it. Good luck!

  5. The ABC is disinclined to acknowledge the fact that unsustainable global human population growth is the underlying cause of all human conflict, famine and anthropogenic climate change.
    This is because if it did it so, it would lose its claim to be the loudest voice of humanitarianism in Australia. Without human suffering, the ABC would not have the breadth of global content it currently enjoys.

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