This past Sunday (17 December 2017), Dick issued a public challenge to Meriton founder Harry Triguboff to donate some of his sizeable fortune to charity.  Today, Mr Triguboff has responded – and it’s pretty much “mind your own business, Dick”.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Triguboff said “I suggest Dick Smith focus on his own business.”  A copy of the article is seen here:

The Daily Mail has also covered the issue here.

Dick was interviewed on Sunday night by Sydney’s radio 2GB, it can be heard here.

Dick will also appear on Channel 9’s A Current Affair this evening to discuss the issue, and we are keenly awaiting further response from Mr Triguboff’s office.


  1. Would it perhaps be possible for someone, perhaps a Journalist with the help of an economist and a tax expert to explain, in 25 words or less, in simple terms, the steps necessary for the Govt to change our tax laws so that every dollar earned in Australia is taxed fairly BEFORE a cent leaves here? ———–O.K. 100 small words.

  2. What if Harry knows this to be true and he’s exploitative of his host country as he was raised to be? What if his plan is to donate all of his wealth privately, overseas, to fulfil the religious obligations he feels he must meet to secure himself in the afterlife?

    Why could his father never get a visa to come to Australia, the country that throws visas upon the world like confetti?

    I have heard people refer to him as a parasite upon our society, all take and no give. His claims of donating privately reveal the surreptitiousness of his intentions and plans.

  3. Dick says:
    Some good points, thanks KJ.

  4. Sadly the rich don’t think they get too much, and PM Turnbull has just given them another tax cut (they pay no tax as it is, so what/who were they cutting it for!). True, it’s not the rich who made this happen, but they could at least show some goodwill and share a little of their vast wealth. It’s a tax deduction for them after all.

    For the super wealthy, it’s no longer about money it’s about obsession, they have no intent to spend their extra money.

    The trickle down theory won’t even work here (tax cuts = more jobs) as they hardly pay much tax anyway, and why spend more than one has to, so the latest tax cuts are purely a vote grab. That’s the trouble with popularity politics, it’s all about what’s popular over what’s for the common good.

    25 million in a few months is a scary prospect, perhaps the apocalypse is happening now!

    Also, overseas visas should be reduced as it means nearly every job here is open to the world. And visa holders should get the same wages as locals, so no advantage to hiring from O/S. Visa holders should also get some limited rights, at the moment they’re gagged slaves who can be sent back at a moment’s notice.

  5. my message to harry,sorry harry,we can’t continue growing like topsy,your absolute mania to continue building rat nest units only encourages overpopulation,infrastructure can never keep up as there is never enough money and it will eventually send us broke,as a recipient of this growth at all costs mania,from the lower mountains to sydney,i have to drive theM4,7,5 everyday leave work at 3-30 pm lucky to be home at 6pm due to traffic overcrowding accidents which are common etc,so harry open the wallet and help to alleviate some of the problems high growth and overpopulation has created.,also telling us to mind our own business is futile harry,as it is us the publics business what you do affects us,where all in this together harry.

  6. I think there are a number of interesting opinions and facts within this short discussion.

    As Dick says, endless growth hasn’t provided the benefits to Australians that were promised. Some of the things that haven’t been addressed by Dick’s discussion has been the obsession with free trade, trickle-down economics, cutting taxes and privatisations (that have directly increased our cost of living).

    Some of the biggest companies in Australia (both multinational and local) haven’t paid taxes. Some of the wealthiest individuals in Australia, haven’t paid taxes, or pay very little.

    Then we have foreign and local investors with negative gearing that has destroyed the local housing market for younger people – leaving younger families under significant financial stress. Our children are now pushed into the prospect of limited financial security into older age – unlike previous generations.

    These factors (and many others) are all important in the worsening prospect for Australians – These are independent to population and economic growth that is continuously mentioned.

    If we could remove the corruption that is political donations/lobbying to political parties, it would go a long way to start to democratise our political system that has become corrupted by money, greed and influence. Perhaps that would change the discourse that is so constrained by two parties with the same political slant and economic theories.


    I personally don’t think that targeting one (or more) obscenely wealthy people to donate more money has much value, other than a media stunt. In my opinion, there would be better value in showing how the richest people and companies use tax lurks and tax havens to pay little or no tax, and force government to change the rules.

    I would also like to see how the wealth use political donations and lobby groups to manipulate politics.

    Better still, we could create a political system with a representative and democratic government with the potential for recall (of each elected official) should the electorate wish.

    The two major parties would never allow a change like this, as they would lose their influence and power – So the chance for a real democracy is nil.

    Just my thoughts.

  7. Well done Dick for issueing the challenge. Like you say he cannot possibly spend the money in his lifetime. You could be a great coach for Harry to learn how to do the right thing re philanthropy. Appears he has a long way to go before he starts noting your lessons. Give it another shot we need your persistence on this issue.

  8. Firstly you have not lost on your campaign re population growth, remember Harry wants 150 million here…
    Secondly don’t let him off the hook on the Giving Pledge. The wealth disparity is sickening and unhealthy to social cohesion. You are saying people should give in public view. He is trying to dodge and fudge the issue. You can’t force him to tell you what he is donating, if anything. It looks like Aussies are way behind on Giving Pledge pledges. But how can he be forced out into the open on this? Right now he is running for cover. He can’t justify his wealth and yet you can’t prove he is as mean as u say. Any thoughts?

  9. Paul, thanks for your view on this. Have you actually listened to my podcast that I sent to Harry? Do you think that the late Dr Tony Kidman was a bad person because he publicly asked for money for his important charitable work? You mention the Government is passing the buck. Do you agree that we should have higher taxes so the Government can pay, or do you want the money to come from somewhere else?

  10. Sorry Dick but I’m with Harry on this one. I’ve just read the media report on the issue. First and foremost it’s Government’s role to provide services to the community, not rich peoples’. More and more Government is passing the buck to charitable donors and abrogating its core responsibilities and this is not how the game is played. And if people want to donate to charity, it’s a private issue. As someone who detests doorknockers, my sympathies are with Harry!

  11. As an Australian born in a time when it was the aussie way to look after and help your mate to todays bugger you jack im all right attitude. Its sad to see this happening. Our governments only seem to help the inequality increase.

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