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  1. Australia Moves To Restrict Cash and Build Up Its Surveillance
     StateIt’s all part of the international push by officials to monitor the public. You’re next.
    Have you ever considered the data trail you leave as you swipe a card or make electronic payments for transactions over the course of your day? Australian officials have considered it, and they apparently think that trail of digital breadcrumbs is just an awesome step on the road to a surveillance state. The country is a Senate vote away from banning the use of cash for transactions  It’s all part of the international push by tax and regulatory officials to minimize the use of cash as part of the effort to monitor the public—and it’s coming soon to a lawbook near you.
    Passed after much debate by the Australian Parliament’s lower house, the bill is now held up in the Senate, where lawmakers are being bombarded by taxpayer advocates and small businesses with demands that they scuttle the measure.

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