Dick Smith attacks online travel agency commission rates – ACA 18/09/18

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair hops on board to support Dick’s viral video call-out to stop money leaving small Australian businesses and going to the big foreign online travel booking sites. His video on the subject has now been viewed over 2.6 million times!

Watch segment here.


  1. Dick, I am a big supporter and agree with what you are trying to do, But these Australian companies/Business also need to start looking after Australians. I have rang hotels direct and asked them to match online prices and they have refused, I just went in to get prices on flights from Albury to Sydney next April, Qantas website is $40 dearer then the foreign sites through Trip Advisor, I am a single Mum, working full time to pay my way and my children’s way in life, so we are not living off the government, $40 is a huge savings for me, yes I would prefer to book directly with Qantas, but how do I do this when there prices are dearer then a third party.

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