Dick Smith and Aldi Secrecy

ALDI stop the secrecy, and stop sacking Australians! We have a culture of openness and a fair go.
That’s what we’ve fought for. Watch this video now!!

See the letters to Aldi, Woolworth, Coles and Metcash by clicking READ MORE and then click here. 

Please read transcript of video here.


  1. Brig back dick Smith retail and electrical

  2. Thanks for enlightening us about Aldi, now we can choose for ourselves. I still prefer shopping at the others (Coles, etc) because they have the range, but Aldi does have things they don’t.

    Shame on those who could shop at Coles & Woolies but choose Aldi.

    Also, there are no saints in retailing, the others have dark secrets as well and are not trying to help Aussies any more so than overseas owned stores.

  3. Thanks for the post Dick. We are in the same boat working for a danish company. The only reason we have been employed is so they can operate on our shores. With some slapped up tax deal with the Australia government 3% Australian employees as to 97% foreign employees do this sound fare? To top it off us Aussie are made to feel like second rate citizens/tradesmen in our own country. Hope you get this Dick shake the the tree mate and run for PM this country need a good shake up. 👍🇦🇺🇦🇺

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