Dick on NOT starting a new political party – 0.59m

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Dick talks difficulty starting a political party, getting a major party to reflect what people want.


  1. I agree with you Dick. The best way to go by far is to build this Fair Go Movement of yours to a position of strength, where there are potentially millions of supporters, whose pledged votes will definitely have the capacity to change a Government, or force a redirection of policy. This is the quickest way to achieve an outcome, and who knows, eventually a move into the Senate could not be discounted.

    For a very long time now, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb have thought it more important to remain in Government for the sake of the Party, than to be in Government for the good of the Nation. As we all know, to do this, each has conspired with the hoards of single interest groups, lobbyists and minor parties who bay at the doors of parliament seeking a slice of the cake.

    The result of this selfish and scurrilous inward activity by both major parties has resulted in years of waste and missed opportunities for this Nation of ours. It’s time to stop the rot, and join the cue.

  2. Whoops! Scratch that, found it!

  3. Dick I totally respect your history on the achievements gained through effectively lobbying the major political parties. Australia’s political evolution has now changed.

    Piss on the major political parties. Ask Derryn Hinch what its like to try and deal with them. The present political system is RIGGED to accommodate Liberal and/or Labor as they each feather their own and further cement the system so their future selves can pass their own janky legislation to prop up a failed system.

    If each electorate THROW THEIR WEIGHT BEHIND THEIR INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES more change and quicker change would happen.

    Remember the “Big Four” debacle with Windsor and Oakeshot? Those blokes held the Nation to ransom before caving in to the Labor.

  4. Oh, I so like this.

  5. Hello Dick,

    It is refreshing to see your commentary and campaign on this issue. Endless population growth cannot possibly be consistent with a sustainable future for Australia.

    Emeritus professor of physics now deceased Albert Bartlett was quoted as saying ” The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. We must realize that growth is but an adolescent phase of life which stops when physical maturity is reached.”Can you think of any problem in any area of human endeavor on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally?”

    These are excellent quotations that highlight the problem we face with the current economic policies on either side of politics.

    I have highlighted six major policy points below that I think need addressing.

    1. As a nation Australia needs to decide on an optimum population that is consistent with socially desirable goals. Eg recreational space, housing affordability, safe play areas for children, healthy transport to and from work, hospital waiting times etc.
    2. We need a taxation base to distribute our wealth more evenly. The distortions that have occurred over the last 30 years are a formula for social unrest.
    3. Any environmental policy must be tied in with a national population goal. This is something the “Greens” don’t seem to understand.
    4. A balanced zero growth economy is the only long term sustainable model.
    5. Our industries need revitalizing whereby we use our human capital to economically prosper. We should not be just relying on our natural resources of minerals, energy and land. Governments should be ashamed of themselves as we now have a two track economy, natural resources and property development which of course needs continuous growth.
    6. Excessive population growth largely through immigration leads to cultural stress. I believe an Australia with a set of shared core values recognized equally under one law will lead to a healthier society.

    To me we have been sold ultimate ponzi scheme supposedly leading to El Dorado. It is however a deceptive lie that many of us have been conned by. Over the last 30 years we have all seen our cities, roads, hospitals and clinics becoming more congested each year.

    I don’t agree, however, that either one of the two parties are likely to change too much. Look at Kevin Rudd, his views on population growth were insane. He’s clearly mathematically illiterate. Malcom Turn bull is obsessed with growth, so he wont change. To change that mind set would require considerable effort and resources over a period time which we don’t have. Looking at the commentary though I believe that as Australian’s we are ready for change on both sides of politics. We can try and lobby our politicians for change consistent with these goals but I don’t hold out much hope we would have success going down that path. I think a new leadership is required that is intellectually robust, who believes in science, climate change, environmental limits, cultural stresses and is not prone to conspiracy theories. With these core values debates will be winable in the public mind showing just how our political parties are failing us. In order to make effective change we need a leader who has the intelligence, vision and leadership skills who is prepared to stand for parliament.

    I wish you luck Dick you have my whole hearted support.


    David Godfrey

  6. in a perfect world Australia would not need a new party, what it needs is a dictator for a little while, suspend parliament and put some one in to fix the shambles. look at all the money that is wasted on white papers , blue papers, or that ever when one party is removed from office, and the new government scrapes most of the last ones schemes, than they get the boot and the former does the same to them, while all the while the country is in limbo. billions is wasted on this, and when they are in locked step ( re the military) we get disasters like the f 35 plane fiasco tens of billion will be spent on this, for a plane that does not work, and may never work or suit or needs, lets not even talk about the subs, another disaster waiting to happen . you wont hear anything about how much is wasted on just these two . but we cannot find money to fund any thing worthwhile. we need someone to talk to the experts and the government departments. and make a choice on a matter before him, for the good of the country , not a political party . and remember Australia isn’t just laws and people, go out side look around, take your shoes off feel the dirt under your feet, that’s Australia, your standing in it. so to cut a long story short, we need some one we as a country can trust to put Australia and it people first. sign off on projects that make sense, not just votes or money for the super rich at the expense of all others . someone who we all known to be above the need for power and the grasping for money. someone who putting the nation ( its people and the land, that thing we all stand on) just comes natural to , some one called dick smith. thats what it says on the sign on the back of my car, dick smith for dictator, 5 year term. I know I would not agree with half of what he may do, but I would know it would be for the country’s best interests. oh for the ideal world .

  7. Before the last federal election there were many mini parties that sprung up ,registered with the AEC, paid their dues , spent a fortune on election posters, flyers, adverts, stationary , fuel & tee-shirts only to fade away into the back blocks of obscurity once it was over! JUST IMAGINE the money spent collectively for these campaigns & how it would have ALL benefited a party with half a chance of gaining government within 8 years such as ONE NATION! ALL patriotic Australians take a tiny slice out of Pauline`s cake, but few can eat it all including One Nation members like myself, so either she needs guidance by someone like yourself so as to include a FAIR GO way of thinking or WE START ALL OVER AGAIN WITH YOURSELF AT THE HELM! More money, more huge expense, & possibly a One Nation party ripped apart by floating members! Pauline did say at one stage that she would stand aside for you to take the helm & I believe that this would have a truly wonderful effect on ALL THE VOTING PUBLIC ! They are so totally disatisfied with the “3 wise monkeys”, but dont feel that Pauline has the necessary skills & temperament to lead as a PM but DICK SMITH, YOU CERTAINLY DO!

  8. Dick – I wish you would run for politics. We need a voice.

  9. Ned
    Hello Dick I agree with Lisa Bentley that Australia needs a new political party now ! Otherwise the big party’s will take your ideas and use them to win or hold power then quietly dump them one at a time with other distractions just as they do now ! The only way to bring permanent change is to replace the big party’s completely. Other wise they will change back to there old ways as soon as they can . If you use high profile people in your new party and I am sure that if you start one they’ll come the public will vote them in because they will have to much to lose if they where to do the wrong thing . Also I believe that the honest independent senators will join your party or at support your views
    Australia needs you Dick Smith to KEEP THE BARSTARDS HONEST ! Yes they got rid of that party and are worse than ever !

  10. Susie

    Dear Dick
    Realising you are extremely busy but couldn’t you somehow get the Fairgo Political Party of the ground as you are the only hope we have to keep? (Try….to get back) our wonderful Australian unique way of life that we all see googling down the drain.
    For decades now our government and justice system has lost credibility with the general population.
    Both major parties have lost the purpose of governing and serving their citizens more concerned with staying in power ( and playing the blame game) ……being scared to use common sense rather absorbed in in pathetic political correctness …while we Australians have watched open mouthed as our Aussie way of life slips away and we’re all left shaking our heads wondering ….how did this happen so quickly?
    And there you’ve been throughout the years becoming a household trusted name – Someone who cares genuinely for the good of the people, country and environment.
    Look at our justice system… a joke at best. People crying out for punishments fitting the crimes, ( can any Australian actually remember a day going by when they haven’t been disgusted at the pathetic slap on the wrist was given for some heinous crime committed?

    We live with a government prepared to spend millions voting for Gay marriage- ( not even compulsory and something concerning a few % of the population) yet have no voice when it comes to Life issues like Immigration (affecting us all on a daily basis) and of course using the Racist flag to hopefully make that topic ” go away”
    Sadly the left winged countries sit back laughing at our Western weakness knowing we’re a push over….. ( in more ways than conceivable) yet our Government lives in the Dark Ages still trying to play the Superiority Game to the rest of the World listening to do-gooders rather than common sense!
    Australia needs you Dick!!!!!

  11. I can appreciate the challenge of starting a political party, but surely there are stepping stones to taking on the major parties in the lower house. I think there is zero chance that either political party will have the courage to take the radical decisions required to arrest the decline of Australias standard of living and particularly the bubble/immigration dependance of our economy. And that is only one area needing radical change. I personally believe the fastest way to solve the current issues, is to start a party in the upper house and try to use the fair go movement to get the message out. With the balance of power in the upper house you can truly force the government to make changes. If people are willing to vote for the current motley crew of Senators, then that is very clear evidence that people want change. I also believe there are clever ways to fund such a campaign using modern technology amd without taking money from interested parties (excellent policy differentiator!). With high profile persons such as yourself (and a few others), then we may have the other key ingredient, the ability to get air time in mainstream media. Do it for Australia Dick!

  12. Hi there again Dick,
    I think you absolutely need to shake things up and get people to take notice! Starting a new political party based on the importance of good old fashioned Australian values is the answer. Australian’s need another choice a “middle ground” if u will. Although I personally don’t have your kind of money or business experience I have been using a lot of my own time, energy and effort in the hope of starting my own party; and even going so far as to pick out a name for it when I return home from living in Europe with my family as an ex-pat for 3 years. I have had a lot of time to think, study and reflect on the importansnce of changing the political landscape in our country, to ensure we don’t end up like Europe and the USA! Consequently I have developed a sense of passion and purpose to use my character strengths, skills of influence and grit to come home soon and make a positive contribution to the future lives of my children and their children…

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