Dick asks Prof Peter McDonald of ANU to stop undermining him

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Dick Smith asks Professor Peter McDonald of ANU to stop undermining him and the rest of Australia in relation to the population issue.



  1. Dick Smith we have long been supporters of your proposals and are really delighted that you are going to be a part of an Australian party we will definitely be in your corner and happy to help hand out how to vote papers or in any way we can .

  2. I have seen the Dick Smith Immigration ad only once and whilst I thought it a bit “armageddon” I also believe it is a necessary wake-up call. And it’s academics like Prof Peter McDonald of ANU who are the problem. A “Big Australia” is NOT sustainable in a country that is 4/5ths desert. You cannot have a “climate change” debate without also addressing the problems of an unsustainable world population – 7.5 billion and counting! Our politicians are not doing the right thing by the people. In fact these days, there seems to be little benefit in being an Australian. We have abundant energy resources but pay more for them than those overseas. It has really become a global market where our domestic needs seem to rate on the lower scale whilst exports of LNG are considered economically more important. We have massive crime problems and a drug culture that is destroying our once harmonious and law-abiding society. Open the papers any day of the week and the lead stories are all about ethnic crime – a problem the politicians have imported. At the same time, politicians from the major parties say we need to keep bringing in more immigrants so they can pay the massive amount needed for pensions and so on. But that is a nonsense solution – something akin to a dog chasing it’s tail because as Dick has already pointed out, those immigrants too will age and so the problem expands as we need to bring in even more immigrants in a futile attempt to keep paying out those pensions. And at the same time a large proportion of those immigrants will go straight onto welfare whilst some ethnic communities remain welfare dependent generation to generation, cradle to grave. Surely someone in govt must at some stage realise that certain ethnicities and cultures just do not assimilate. Yet to point this out seems to label you as racist. So we will keep going down that path until wiser heads prevail. Somehow though I do not see that happening.

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  4. Agree with you 100% Dick. We are a country that has lost it’s way and it’s identity. We have had such a huge influx of migrants our own culture has become subsumed and overwhelmed. Any attempt to raise a legitimate objection to this massive influx of people from hugely differing and at times conflicting cultural backgrounds is met with outrage and labelled racist. Such a massive growth rate does not allow the opportunity for immigrants to assimilate into our society, rather it forces drastic changes to our own society, creates animosity and undermines standards of living for everyone except for those at the top of the pyramid.

    We import trained doctors, nurses and teachers to the detriment of our own children trying to find jobs and places in universities. My grandaughter had a dream of becoming a surgeon but was unable to secure a place at uni because we have imported so many doctors it seems we don’t need to train our own young Aussies. She has an IQ that tests in the top 3% but still couldn’t get a place. After three attempts at getting into medicine she decided to go back to uni to become a qualified teacher. Upon completing her teaching degree she found there is a massive oversupply of teachers in Australia and couldn’t find a job. This is a girl who has worked incredibly hard and has three uni degrees. She has had to go overseas to England to find a job as a teacher. How the hell did our country come to this. We import people from other countries then have to export our own loved ones because they can’t find a place in our over-full society.
    As I see it, we need to take back control of our democratic system so that politicians, rather than being the paid puppets of big business, actually represent the will of the Australian people. The only way to do this is to ensure the banning of all political donations. The other major concern for the people of Australia is the media monopoly of Rupert Murdoch who spews his vile right wing, pro fossil fuel, make the rich richer propoganda to gullible Australians. The Murdoch press engages in rabid mud slinging at any politician who doesn’t conform to his business agenda, that of the continued use of fossil fuels and burgeoning population growth to benefit his bottom line. Unfortunately mud tends to stick and Australians seem to be easily manipulated by his propaganda. You should start your own newspaper Dick. I’m sure it would be hugely popular.

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  7. I support all the above. Why is it our pollies and for that matter pollies world wide will not speak about how we are raping the only planet we have and population growth. I have just returned fro England and witnessed what a growing population is doing to a once green beautiful island, grid lock on motorways, housing estates built on fertility land, cars parked on streets making driving off the main roads difficult. 1500 rapes in a small town and the pollies will not name the culture group, police will not venture into certain areas This was an eye opener for me.

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  9. I studied Australian History. There is no evidence to support tariffs – NSW did as well without tariffs as Victoria did with them. Also don’t know where you get the idea that foreign investment pays tax here on the interest they receive as this would appear from TV advertising to be a new initiative in the last month – which will be revoked as soon as foreign investment falls if they think they’ll actually have to pay us taxes!

    There is PLENTY of housing – albeit a lot of it is trashy and any self-respecting person wouldn’t put a dog in most of it – it’s just not distributed to most of those in need. There is also no requirement to bring it up to a decent standard and maintain it (I had a toilet running for 3 days, the legislation says such a thing must be fixed in 24 hours) because it costs the rich money and the poor aren’t allowed to stop paying rent until problems are rectified. Don’t complain about reducing the work for building construction, a/ make the buildings of decent quality instead of the jerry-building that passes for housing these days and b/ make people completely maintain their properties in that quality condition – bring ALL new rentals up to standard before reletting. Watch Filthy Rich and Homeless which is being reshown on SBS2 (or Viceland as it’s now called)

  10. Tell it like it is John! I can’t understand why people can’t see the constant lies the media feeds them (and they can’t see why I think they’re fed a constant pack of lies…)

    Hmmm, interesting. I posted earlier no problem, but I can’t post this comment because the I’m not a Robot button won’t confirm I’m a real, sensible human being… Big Brother at work???

  11. Tell it like it is John! I don’t understand why people can’t see the lies the media constantly feeds them (and they can’t understand why I think I’m being fed a pack of lies…)

  12. I agree with you Dean. Every time I hear “wonderful” economic growth, I cringe (again!) If we have a good economy, prices go up – “we have a good economy so we can afford to pay more” or the All the Market Will Bear mentality. When you’re a on fixed income – which is negative growth as inflation outstrips interest – it means your income will buy less – at the supermarket, fuel for the necessary vehicle, rent/rates, electricity, etc ad nauseaum. I detest the calls for an improved economy!

  13. Dick, I totally agree with you, the need for endless economic growth is a falicy of logic and sheer and utter madness. But the change needs to come from the top down and in this case the top of this pyramid is the monetary system. As is said in business; “The fish rots from the head down!” And this case the head is the monetary system. Stop and think for a moment – All the money in our real world economy comes from banks, every dollar in existance is birthed via a loan of some sort. But only the principal is born, not the compound interest owing, the interest owing must come from new loans! This is important because without new loans (growth) only the principal can be repaid and not the interest owing! That is why the powers that be, spiel the need for constant growth, to stop the monetary system from collapsing and hence the economy collapsing with it. To solve this problem you need to look at it from the top down and in this case the apex of the economy starts with the banks. This is where the economy starts and ends. Happy to share all I know if you want to listen.
    sincerly Dean

  14. Like to know more about this party.?
    Sustainable Australia..
    We definitely have to rid ourselves of these Major Party idots,they are ruining our Australia.

  15. I agree with you Dick.

    I intend to vote Sustainable Australia in the next Federal election. It might be good if you mentioned them so people know there is a sensible party with a policy to lower immigration to 70- 80, 000 per year.
    They support renewable energy, and protecting the environment as well.

  16. All Western Developed Countries are run on the principle of order out of chaos and most western leaders are 33 degree level free masons where the world is run with wars, disharmony, greed, corruption and deceit hence the mess we see now.

    They create fear and panic in people and over population and growth is one of their many underhanded methods of operation and agendas.

    Sadly the majority of people are totally unaware and distracted by false media reporting and other methods to keep the masses oblivious to the their hidden agendas.

  17. I support your comment Australia for Australians by Australians foreign investment but no foreign ownership they only receive interest on there investment and pay tax here because the interest was made here on there investment this intern then can create jobs here instead of send all jobs off to China, we should have tarrifs on imported goods that are made over seas where they was once made but have gone overseas because of greed by businesses. We should not have anymore intake of migrants because there is no jobs and housing for the people thats already here it is about time the polies got this through there thick heads get rid of them all.

  18. I heard the story only once that the idea of paying for infrastructure by increasing the population was a fallacy. Basically large infrastructure projects require funds that have been accumulated over a number of years. Increasing the population is of no assistance here because the new immigrants simply have not been in the country for the prerequisite years to pay the taxes that pay for these large projects.

    Politicians in their attempts to achieve short term political gains fail to consider the long term consequences of their actions. In recent times we have seen the total closure of the automotive production and other manufacturing activities in Australia leaving building construction as pretty much the only form of blue collar employment.

    We have seen the 457 visa system being rorted for years leading to a creation of many new educational institutions, when at the same time cut backs in government funding has made it harder for our local kids to receive tertiary education.
    We have seen a deregulated bank industry fair too willing to lead money for investment properties which helps to push up real estate prices for new home buyers.

    Once these genies are out of the bottle it becomes very difficult to put them back. After many people have forking out big money for a big mortgage to buy that house, it would seem very unfair to suggest that housing prices should come down. Similarly a slowing down in the building construction industry would see rising levels of unemployment.

    The success of so many of these ill-considered policies seems to be based on high levels of immigration and therefore look like a collection of Ponzi schemes. It seems to me that if we don’t starting look for a smooth way out then a very rough end will eventuate anyway.

    I like many people these days have little faith in our politicians. Rather than looking after their constitutes, they are more concerned with looking after those organisations that fund them. Notice also the number of retired parliamentarians that pick up plum jobs in private industry when they have no apparent experience in that particular industry. What is that about?

  19. lets not oversee that the cause of the current worldwide migration issue is that during the last 50 years all western developed nations have excluded third world countries from participating in world trade, simply because of greed and self interest. as a consequence these poor countries were unable to develop democracies, infrastructure, education facilities und health care providers. no wonder that the people of these countries are on the move to live a better life in one of the developed western nations.

  20. Over population ,the elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about . A economy addicted to growth. How can we transition to a low population growth and low economic growth economy ? I think it would be painful ,but not as painful as a overpopulated planet we are racing towards. Australia could be the example of a economically and environmentally sustainable country . I’m convinced greed for growth will destroy the planet.

  21. Hi Dick well spoken I am with you on this, happy to support you, In combating immigration it may be better to consider it as Social engineering without plan , What is the governments plan if any ? I don’t find it anywhere . Do we want a homogenous culture or a patch work quilt of disparate communities like Britain and France have developed we robust discussion on immigration, we would want to allude to the increased cost of running the dept of border protection, poor immigration policy has now produced serious threats to Aussie way of life, it will cost billions to manage. I support immigration and would also support a halt for 5 years at least to allow our society to assimilate the current immigrants.
    There should be a psychological test for immigrants to check there: motivation, there like hood and capacity to adopt Australian culture and values not a knowledge test as it proves nothing.
    Finally if you are considering a political party I would be a happy voter.

  22. One other thing, you have a mighty fight ahead of you because of what i would consider the most corrupt and out of touch politicians this country has ever seen. Absolutely mind blowing how these people that are supposed to represent the people , do what ever the fuck they decide. High time they all went.

  23. Dick smith once again you show what a true ozzie you are. Taking the bull by the horns and trying to achieve what many talk about but do nothing . I myself am deeply concerned at the alarming rise in our city’s growth and the overwelming number of asian imigrants. The upper north shore is a total black out by asians buying up the many highly priced homes , and on many occasions , demolishing these beautiful sydney icons to build tower after tower of ugly appartment blocks. I know because i work in the building industy. When i go to work there , i feel like im an alien in my own country. Some of our western suburbs are the same if not worse. I feel we are being sold out and that australia is fast becoming an offspring of china. I dont want this shit at all. I will make a donation to your ozzie cause. And thanks again for being a true caring ozzie.

  24. Australian population – is it really Australian? We are becoming more and more a land of immigrants many of whom are receiving our tax dollars to have a life here. Why can’t we help our Aussie counter parts achieve further education, get jobs etc. Surely our first and foremost attention should be on those who live here and have received an education here, who have jobs or started businesses here, were born here. Why does our money have to go to individuals who have contributed nothing to our country, our way of life …… be handed our hard earned funds. We live in an amazing country, with incredible lands and equally incredible people – why can’t we support ourselves, our heritage, our culture, our country!

  25. Just another so called academic with a hidden agenda

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