1. Absolutely. Traffic is what I dislike most about Melbourne, it seems to be such bun fight just to go shopping these days. New roads won’t fix this if we just keep filling them up with extra cars and people. Even busses add traffic, and get stuck in the same cramped roads as cars, even with bus lanes. Wake up Australians! It’s not some obscure conflict overseas threatening us here, it’s traffic!

  2. And yet Judith Sloan thinks Australia would go backwards without our current level of immigration! Can’t have it both ways!

  3. ” The immigration intake to Australia is too high and should be cut substantially … the intake of 190,000 [a year] is way too high; it is placing unacceptable pressures on the urban amenity of Melbourne and Sydney.The roads are choked, the schools are full to overflowing, the hospitals are struggling to cope and parts of the cities are unrecognisable from just a few years ago”. Judith Sloan, the Australian 16-17 December 2017.

  4. “Youi CEO Frank Costigan said as shopping centre car parks became increasingly busy and congested with many making the year-end dash to the store, it’s likely there will be increased numbers of collisions as drivers look for that elusive parking space” (Parking rage explodes in the pre-Christmas meltdown,
    Julie Power, SMH DECEMBER 16 2017).

    Tick, tick, tick …

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