Competition watchdog re-examines contracts tying motels to online booking sites

Article from 12/09/18

Thanks everyone, we’re having an influence! With over 2.5 million views on the video and enormous coverage in the media, already, family accommodation owners are telling me that there are more people booking direct, so billions of dollars are not being syphoned out of our country.

Thanks for the incredible support and sharing the video. Have a read of the article below which covers the issue really well. Isn’t it fantastic that the ACCC are now looking at taking further action so family businesses can fairly compete in Australia without being forced to pay money to Northern Hemisphere billionaires.

Please read article here.


  1. Well done Dick on all your commentary – travel agents, OS booking sites, H Triguboff, etc. Our politicians have sold this country out – particularly the FIRB. Let OS companies lease countries under strict guidelines and pay tax at the farm gate at the market rate for the day. they will still come nut we own it and benefit from it. They will still come. keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Dick,
    we spent the last 5 yrs developing a platform that put bookings back in the control of hotels.
    Tapstay was developed so hotels could take the booking and payment direct from guests by using Tapstay to gain access, authenticate the guests. Give them 24/7 access to guests, so they could compete and not give away money. Take up rate to change. zero.
    Tapstay is an Australian product, platform, the future…
    We will not let ota’s have access, only the key cutter, motel.

  3. Well done Dick but the bloody goverment wont listen to the people

  4. Well done Dick! What a shame it takes full page adverts and viral video’s to see movement from the status quo. I have to ask, what was the Government thinking when they allowed this tax free rort to be established in the first instance. Support for tourism is one thing, but to allow the promoters to take the cream off the top, without taxation, is another. Now to hear these greedy offshore companies are jacking up the commissions, (in some cases to 30%), at the expense of the hard working proprietors, really has me wondering if there are brown paper bags involved or the Tax Act is so outdated, the long awaited overhaul should become a policy plank for the next election.

  5. well done Dick I did not realize all these companies were US based I will not use them in future and good luck with moderating the population increase. do the greens realise population increase means an increase in emissions. Also I had great visions of Australia going down the nuclear power route as in the 1960s CSIRO invented SYNROCK to get rid of the waste problem . ??

  6. Hi Dick, thanks for getting on board the new trick from expedia and is to up the commission and then require our hotel to give them the the best rate and then advertise a rate less than the hotel owners rate using their discounted commission as a tool to win the business. Ie. Best Rate $200. Commission say 15% . Owner obliged to offer rate at $200. Booking agent offers at $190 thus undercutting owner, winning the business and still getting 10% commission. Can’t be legal surely.

  7. Well done, Dick, another scam you’ve helped get fixed. We need you to keep the b@#t@rds honest! What’s the next scam going to be? Won’t matter what, thanks again to you it’ll get fixed!

  8. Thanks Dick for your continued efforts on behalf of our peoples. That regional towns in particular are being treated to this ripoff shows the extent that the American way of doing business is threatening us even more that I understood.

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