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“It is quite fantastic in this democracy that we are getting some coverage for the Fair Go Manifesto.  Of course there has been plenty of positive coverage, but it is also wonderful that I am getting some quite negative coverage.  I really like the article by Judith Sloan “Dick Smith’s Manifesto flies in the face of sound economic policy” and also her suggestion that I should retire – “Maybe it’s time for his complete retirement after this reckless and zany contribution to public discussion.”

Judith supports the fact – as many of the wealthy do – that if the tax increased they would all leave Australia and go and live somewhere else.  I would suggest Bangladesh as the tax is only 20% there.  By the way, this is the greatest con of all time.  It has been used to constantly reduce tax on the wealthy, but the number that would go overseas to a low tax regime is very small, and my view would be good riddance – it would give lots of young Australians the chance to start their own business and make their own fortune.

Here is a list of the articles.  I suggest you click on the ones you may find the most interesting.” – Dick Smith

Robots aren’t stealing jobs: truth behind claim scaring pants off our graduates

December 13, 2017Latest News, What we are sharing...

Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning writes that the older generations are scaring youngsters unnecessarily over automation. I hope Ross is correct. The main headline says, “Robots aren’t stealing jobs: truth behind claim scaring pants off our graduates.” I wonder if that means our young people will move from really productive, satisfying … Read More


I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why.

September 27, 2017What we are sharing...

26 September 2017 By David Roberts for Vox News I did an event with environmental journalist (and personal hero) Elizabeth Kolbert late last week, in which we discussed various matters related to journalism and climate change. Subsequently, one of the attendees wrote and asked why I hadn’t talked about population. Isn’t overpopulation the real root of our … Read More